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25th of September, 2020

Author: Jonas Lundh

NEW in HubSpot 2020 - The brand new Sales Hub Enterprise under the loupe.

The launch of Sales Hub Enterprise was the biggest news announced from HubSpot made at the annual INBOUND conference and a lot of exciting functions and features are coming your way. Introducing the brand new Sales Hub Enterprise, that wants you to say goodbye to legacy sales CRMs that are powerful, but painful to use. HubSpot claims that with Sales Hub Enterprise, you don’t have to choose between power and ease. No “buts” about it.

A minor revolution might be at our doors, let's have a peak!

The new, refurbished ,and upgraded features for Sales Hub Enterprise can be divided into 4 major sections: CRM Tools, Sales Acceleration, CPQ Tools ,and Sales Reporting.

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Content Overview



Sales Hub Enterprise - Introduction


Sales Hub Enterprise was built from the ground up as part of HubSpot's platform, unlike a lot of enterprise software that’s been cobbled together through acquisitions. Powerful AND easy to use. That has long been the biggest challenge for Saas suppliers. Now HubSpot is aiming to erase the dilemma, and, from the looks of it, they just crossed the finish line.

Great news for many business leaders, who need powerful software to align with a unique sales process, but the legacy sales CRMs on the market are too complicated. Who have sales reps who would love something easy to use, but the alternatives are too basic. You'll get all the powerful features and integrations you need — without any of the pain. 

This all sounds great, right? But how is all of this realized? Good question - let's deep dive further and inspect each ingredient take makes up this delicious sounding...software.


Sales Hub Enterprise - Powerful and easy to use


CRM Tools

Custom Objects - Better reflect your business

If you're a familiar HubSpot user you already know that the data model is limited to a specific set of standard objects: Contacts, Companies, Deals, Tickets, and products. This limitation has also been the strength in many aspects, fueling the ease of use and if needed, the alternative to work around its limitations with custom properties.

But what if you want to keep track of orders, shippings, events attended, subscriptions, etc.? Custom objects allows for you to store almost any data in HubSpot. It has the same functionality as standard objects meaning you can view, edit and run reports. The new custom objects in HubSpot can be used in automation - workflows, reporting, etc, just like the standard objects. Keep track of information specific to your business. Easily sort, automate, and report on data associated with them right in HubSpot. 

Now you might start to get a sense of just how powerful this could be for your business.

This was, perhaps the biggest revelation made at INBOUND 2020, in short: now any data can be used in the platform.

The line of argument we see across the entire product announcement is the ambition to create a platform that reflects your actual business. Custom object is a huge step in that direction.


Deep Permissions - Balance empowerment and control

New and improved features for advanced permissions are now available in Sales Hub Enterprise. Aiming to give you the perfect balance of empowerment and control for your organization. Grant or restrict access to certain information based on individual, user role, or team. A granular control of who can edit data and the ability to decide who and which teams have access to what data,  helps you not only to protect the integrity of data but also to keep data clean and be more focused. Suitable if you have different brands or working in geographical areas for example.


Native ABM Features - Target accounts the smarter way

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's the new Account Based Marketing tool in HubSpot! Sales and marketing alignment has been a hot topic for quite a while and the ABM tool is a natural leap forward. It's the camp fire where Sales and marketing can meet and really work on those target accounts as a team. Designed to help marketing and sales teams work together to prioritize the right accounts, personalize outreach, coordinate engagement, and easily measure performance.

A lot of tools already already used by sales reps have native integrations ready to use like the LinkedIn Sales Navigator. The account overview sidebar, the ABM playbook for sales reps, and a native integrations to link your HubSpot, all to help deepen your relationships with people over time and to build more authentic connections with stakeholders within each account.

You'll have the ability to personalize content and tailor how you engage with stakeholders within an account. With new account-level targeting added to the LinkedIn Ads integration, you can now target companies by target account status or tier, and contacts or subsets of contacts at target accounts. 


Account Based Marketing - HubSpot.

The CPQ tool


Custom Proposals - Seal the deal

The next big thing uncovered, the new CPQ - configure price quote tool. This gives you as a user the ability to start and finish your sales process without ever leaving the HubSpot platform. From the looks of it, HubSpot users now have access to a quite amazing custom proposal tool that takes the quoting tool to the next level. Using the CMS tool and the design manager and making it incredibly powerful to create rich and elegant proposals.

Flexible Products - A rich library

The product library has also gotten a facelift, making it easier to reflect and see the things you sell in HubSpot. Build a robust product library using custom properties. Manage product information like price, SKU, and color — then tie products to deals and quotes to analyze their performance.


AI-powered sales acceleration


Sales Rep Home  - There's no place like home

A lot of effort has been made to setting sales reps up for success. A frictionless process that allows the sales department to focus on selling and meeting customers rather than updating systems. A lot of development has been done and more is to come to implement artificial intelligence across the entire HubSpot platform. An example of this is the automatically enriched properties pulled from email signatures. Important tasks can be created automatically so nothing slips through the cracks.

The mobile App is already available in all levels of sales hub. But its extra important on enterprise level, often sales need to be available at any time and place. The updated mobile app gives you access to HubSpot in other mobile tools like messaging or slack. Making it easier to share content or meetings links from your mobile. The vision is to create a mobile experience that matches the desktop experience. 

Advanced Sequences  - Automate, don't participate (that much)

Sequences and tasks has already seen a lot of improvements and that type of functions are going to incorporate more and more of AI and more support for mobile. Now you can bulk enroll up to 50 contacts, add manual emails, add Linkedin related task to a sequence, Linkedin sales navigator integration enables you to finish those task from within Hubspot.



Streamlined sales reporting


Sales Analytics  - How you doin'?

A more streamlined sales analytics and reporting is launched. This has been a pretty big gap for HubSpot in the past, but now it seems like that's history. With the new features you can really take your analysis to the next level. Access HubSpot's comprehensive collection of customizable, out-of-the-box reports to easily explore powerful insights, including deal change history, sales activities, and sales outcomes.

Forecasting Tool  - How will you be doin'?

Forecasting is also something that will be less of a pain from now on. You can spend less time reconciling spreadsheets and more time strategizing. With all your sales data integrated inside HubSpot, you'll have the visibility and insight you need to forecast with confidence.


Sales Hub Enterprise - Blog


Additional Features

1:1 Videos

Personalize your outreach with the power of video. Sales reps can download Vidyard’s GoVideo browser extension to record themselves, their screen, or both, then add them to emails directly from the contact record.

Accounting Integrations

A lot of effort is put into streamlining the entire sales process. Another piece of that is improved accounting integrations to be able to marry that data together. Centralize your work in HubSpot with all-new integrations, featuring Netsuite, Quickbooks, and Xero.


Connect with your prospects in a single click. Make and record calls directly from the contact timeline, and access the call transcripts anytime. HubSpot’s calling SDK also allows third-party telephone providers to integrate with the communicator. No extensions or plugins required.

TeQflo is a Soluno partner. Talk with us to learn more about integrating your calls with HubSpot.

Live Chat

Have conversions with prospects where they already are — on your website. Route incoming chat requests to the most appropriate sales reps based on a variety of criteria like list membership, or connect each prospect with the rep assigned to their account.

Meeting Scheduling

Eliminate all the back and forth. HubSpot’s meetings tool syncs to Google or Office 365 calendar, so your prospects can immediately book a time that works for everyone. 

We use this ourselves, try it out! Click here to book a meeting instantly.


Arm your team with the tools to respond in any situation. Create playbooks with competitive battlecards, call scripts, and more so your reps can sell with consistency and efficiency. Automatically save question and answer fields from call scripts as contact properties.

Sales Automation

Automate your team’s sales process so you can actually focus on selling. Use workflows to rotate leads, create deals, move deals through the pipeline, and more.


Curious to learn more about the new Sales Hub Enterprise? Let's have a chat!


Sales Hub Enterprise - Conclusions 

It is clear that HubSpot are taking a new position on the market with the Sales Hub Enterprise, a bold statement claiming to deliver both ease of use and power. But by the looks of it, they are about to pull off the greatest magic trick in the book of Saas, groundbreaking to say the least. Choosing power and ignoring ease doesn't work for a lot of businesses. The same goes for choosing ease and ignoring power as it doesn't really scale. Sales Hub Enterprise is bridging the gap. The one thing SaaS rarely manages to do, satisfy both needs.

We'll help you implement Sales Hub Enterprise

Maybe you're already a HubSpot user or you've started to look into the different suites available. Regardless we're here to help you make the right decision and assist a smooth implementation. Explore the many advantages with TeQflo as your Hubspot partner - contact us today through the channel best suited for you!


André Kronvall, Customer Success Manager

André is TeQflos license specialist och product manager. With many years of experience in license and product management for both small, mid-size, and large companies.


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