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26th of August, 2020

Author: Vincent Onderdelinden

Save The Planet And Sell Faster With HubSpot E-signing Integrations

HubSpot_Oneflow - Esigning integration

Who still prefers signing paper contracts, really? Saving, printing, signing, scanning, uploading, emailing - it's all just too inefficient. And that's just from the customer's perspective. Let alone storing, managing and getting data out of your agreements as a seller. 

Modern e-signing solutions are the way to go. With renowned players like DocuSign, HelloSign, PandaDoc, Oneflow and many more, you have plenty of vendors to choose from. Just make sure there are good integration possibilities between your CRM and your e-signing platform. We've been partners with HubSpot and Oneflow for quite some time now. As you probably know, HubSpot is one of the best CRM platform companies currently on the market. Oneflow is a e-signing provider from Sweden. And a good CRM asks for a good e-signing solution. 

Whichever e-signing solution you prefer, most of them will offer similar integration benefits with HubSpot's CRM. Although details may differ per vendor, we've listed a couple of our favourite e-signing functionalities. And we think you'll like them, too!

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Shorter sales cycles, higher win rate

While deploying cool tech is great, in the end it's the business outcomes that matter. In sales, the real purpose for e-signing solutions is to shorten your sales cycles and to increase your win rates. In other words, you want to make sure that more prospects and customers sign your agreement in less time.

In transactional sales, volume and efficiency are key. The faster your agreement is being signed, the sooner you can move on to the next potential buyer. In complex sales, it's more about effectiveness. You've probably spent a lot of time on selling, educating and meeting with your customers. You don't want to miss that big deal, just because your signing process is outdated. And from a customer's perspective - perhaps the most important perspective - e-signing solutions provide a better buying experience. No more hassle with printers that are out of ink or don't work, or having to deal with any of the other frustrations that come with paper agreements.

E-signing solutions are rapidly gaining popularity. Worldwide, the number of e-signature transactions went from 89 million in 2012, to 754 million in 2017. If anything, just imagine how many trees have been saved by digitizing all those contracts!

Check out this video for a quick overview of the functions and features of the Oneflow HubSpot integration:


Our five favourite functions of e-signing solutions

1. Send your quotes without leaving HubSpot

You've gotten a verbal agreement from your buyer. That's great! But to make the deal official, now you have to get your paperwork signed. How convenient would it be if you were able to draw up a good-looking and legally binding agreement, without leaving your HubSpot CRM? Well, by integrating your e-signing solution with HubSpot, you can. From your deal record in HubSpot, you can easily create your quote or contract. Then you simply send it to your buyer. And that's it. No more hassle with Word and PDF document or changing lay-outs. It just works. 

2. Pull deal information into your quote automatically

Nobody likes manual data entry. Especially not busy sales reps. With e-signature software, you simply pull the data you need from HubSpot and use it to draft your agreement in a platform like Oneflow or PandaDoc. At the moment, there's a bunch of standard fields that will populate automatically. That means your quote will automatically include information like company registration number, company address and contact details. And if you have any additional requirements, we'd be happy to help out.

3. Make sure your quotes and contracts match

For some customers, quotes and contracts are not the same. They use quotes to present options, and a separate contract for their legally binding agreements. If that's you, you'll be happy to know that several integrated e-signing solutions will be able to pull quote data into your legally binding agreements as well. In other words, the line items in your quote (proposal) will match the line items in your contract (legal agreement). That can save both your sales team and your finance team a lot of time and unnecessary human errors.

4. Record contractual correspondence and changes

What happens if you've created a quote in HubSpot, but your buyers decides to change their order? Or maybe they weren't done negotiating just yet. You'll have to make changes to your agreement. Especially for more complex deals, contractual correspondence through email or telephone can become confusing quite easily - for both parties. And you don't want to leave a bad impression in the final stretch of your sales cycle.

If this is important for you, you may want to consider Oneflow. With its integration to HubSpot, it's super easy to make contractual changes without confusing anyone. Everything you edit is fully traceable with Oneflow's audit history. The communication between buyer and seller through HubSpot, will also be associated with the corresponding agreement in Oneflow. That way, you'll never lose sight of what's been discussed. Great for the customers, great for the sales reps, and great for sales managers who need to understand the current status of a deal.

5. Track and trace your buyer's actions

As a sales rep, you want to know where you're standing - especially when your commissions are on the line. Is your contract actually going to be signed this quarter? Or will it be pushed out to the next? With most e-signing solutions, you'll be able to track the full signing process from within your HubSpot CRM. So, if it's the last day of the quarter and your buyer hasn't even looked at your agreement once, you know you have to take action!

If you're running a sales team and you want to shorten your sales cycles while also increasing your win rates, then using HubSpot in combination with a modern e-signing solution can really make a difference.

If you want to know more about HubSpot, Oneflow or integrations in general, then drop us a line or .

Not sure about the type of HubSpot integration you need? Then you should take a look at our Buyer's Guide: HubSpot Integrations Demystified!

If you're looking into specific HubSpot integrations and you need help with your evaluation process, then check out this page. 

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