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See how companies, like yours, capture the opportunities of digitalisation. Sort by Improve, Grow and Change your business.


oliveCEPT successfully marketed towards the mediterranean sea

ArcAroma is an exciting technology company that we helped market oliveCEPT. Read more about how we reached customers far away.

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AutoConcept more customer centric with HubSpot CRM

AutoConcept is a growing insurance company with proprietary insurance system. HubSpot became the obvious complement.

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Fewer IT-problems and IT-costs reduced to half

IT operations blocked business development and customers lacked wifi in the car parks. Not any more.

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Gamification in a warehouse - possible?

Gamification is one of the technical waves that will fuel digitalisation. But how do you do it in practice. We've explored. 

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Gaming room for community & employer branding

Games are popular. But how do we play more together and how do we attract the younger talented staff? We built a meeting place, a gaming room!

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Speach Digitalisation & change

Exakta is the largest printing company in Sweden. Exakta wanted a fresh perspective on change and technology to start off their journey. That we gave the leaders.

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IT analysis was the platform for change

AutoConcepts felt that the technology was working against the company rather than for the strategic goals. We contributed to the right course.

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Better decisions and insights with Microsoft Power BI

Excel is a great tool but as a decision support Excel has its shortcomings. We solved this with the help of Microsoft Power BI.

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Better order with digitalised agreements

How do you digitalise agreements? We solved archiving, templates, lifecycle support and communication in a modern way for Woody Bygghandel.  

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Produktsida_InteraktivDigitalSignage6_1000x700 (1)

Digital signage - simpler and more affordable than you think

Digital signage is an opportunity to show off a good image of your company. Here we tell how candidates get a better reception.

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Business ideas sketch drawn on light wall

Datawarehouse & integrationer möjliggör beslutsstöd

Hur gör man med otaliga system och datakällor? Vid delar hur vi bringade ordning och integrerade data för bättre beslut. 

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We educate in inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is efficient but few know how to do it. EFL and Lund University entrusted us to teach digital marketing.

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The requirement specifikation was the foundation to the request for proposal

Memira knew what the wanted to achieve. We contributed with a structured demand specification based on our experience in architecture and EMR systems. Curious – tell me more!

Back view image of businessman drawing graphics on wall

GDPR in ordinary companies

GDPR impacts us all in EU. But how to get a grip and comply?Bilpartner is like any company out there and they comply - now. 

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