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AutoConcept more customer centric with HubSpot CRM

The Results

In less than 3 months, TeQflo changed the conditions for AutoConcept's operations. In the starting position, all work was based on a proprietary insurance system. Nowadays HubSpot's CRM complements this company's business system and enables completely new working methods!

The next step meant that 12 flows and work processes were mapped to optimise according to the new conditions. Sales work can now be followed and digital marketing complements the corresponding analogue power. In addition, customer service is also possible based on the customer's needs.

» All information and customer contact is stored and available in one place - in HubSpot's CRM. And best of all? Your company can also benefit ...   

AutoConcept's operations are based on their proprietary business systems. The information is therefore critical for enabling a good customer response. That's why TeQflo linked together over 50 data fields to give the organisation the right conditions!

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About AutoConcept

AutoConcept is an exciting company and multiple gazelle from Kungsbacka that sells guarantees and vehicle insurance. This company creates a safer car ownership in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

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The problem

The company's proprietary business system is sharp on insurance but at the same time restrictive. Information was difficult to log and find, which hampered daily operations. Without collected information, collaboration between different departments such as sales, marketing, customer service, claims management and management was made more difficult. In turn, modern tools could not be used. The problem needed to be solved - the question was just how ...

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The goals

  • Understand and optimize work processor based on new conditions
  • Customize HubSpot's CRM to AutoConcept's business
  • Customize contact and business cards for multiple functions
  • Set up multiple sales pipelines to follow the business
  • Create an overview of sales and sales activities
  • Disconnect data from the insurance system

The solution

The solution needed to support the needs of several functions, e.g. marketing, sales and customer support. A good CRM was needed to tie the business together. After careful evaluation, HubSpot was chosen - thanks to:

  • "All-in-one" system with CRM, marketing, sales, service and website
  • Powerful marketing and sales tools
  • Fast value creation - ready-made tool that is easily customised
  • Integrable with proprietary system
  • Low total cost - the organisation can work quickly in the tool

Implementation was challenging. In a company that has grown rapidly, TeQflo started by creating an understanding of the current situation. Twelve important work processes were identified and defined together with the company. In this way, an understanding was created of how the information would be adapted, displayed and integrated into the CRM - all for the data to be easy to log, find and use. 

» Today, facts about contacts, companies, businesses and customer matters are easily accessible to anyone who needs it - in the computer, phone or tablet.

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“TeQflo took us on and has led our company through this work in a great way. Now we can continue to grow our company with really good tools tailored for us.”
Anna-Karin Bröms

Anna-Karin Bröms
COO, AutoConcept

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