We create awareness and leads for oliveCEPT and ArcAroma

The Result

Within 3 months, we had built up more sales-ready leads in the selected markets. Our hit security has since increased and every week leads are generated, both for marketing and ready to buy. To be continued.

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About ArcAroma

ArcAroma is an exciting technology company from Lund that develops PEF (pulsed electric fields) technology for industrialisation in different verticals (CEPTs).


The Problem

The company needed digital marketing support to create awareness about oliveCEPT. The product was ready for sale but the target group was far away geographically and only a few knew that the product existed.

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The Goals

  • Create an oliveCEPT marketing strategy
  • Create awareness of oliveCEPT among the target groups
  • Create views in social media and on the website
  • Convert impressions to leads
  • Create ready-made leads for the sales department
  • Creating and promoting content

The Solution

Based on inbound marketing, with system support in HubSpot, we took on the task of marketing ArcAroma in a modern way. We started by creating a marketing strategy that included:

  • Buyer personas
  • Content that would attract the target audience
  • Channels to reach the target audience
  • A plan for implementation
Using inbound marketing methods, videos, targeted advertising in social media and PR, we created value directly. Product sheets were refurbished and placed on the website behind forms. Visitors were attracted through social media with content that helps them. From social media, visitors are converted to the website where they can read on. The visitor can also easily find the product sheets and contact Arcaroma.
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“We are extremely pleased with inbound marketing and TeQflo's work. Inbound marketing has created new sales opportunities. We look forward to testing in several areas.”
Johan Möllerström

Johan Möllerström
CEO ArcAroma

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