Agile Performance Management

— Agile performance management helps ensure employee output that matches your business goals. Conduct meaningful conversations to help drive productivity, skill development and employee engagement.

Bridge the gap between business goals and evaluations with agile performance management

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Key benefits

More collaborative and continuous employee feedback loops drive performance

More purposeful conversations improve employee engagement and development

Better documentation of progress in employee development and performance 

Improved alignment between business goals and employee skills to drive performance

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Are you getting the best out of your workforce?

Most companies still do traditional annual performance reviews. Yet research has shown that 87% of both employees and managers think they're ineffective and not useful.  

Traditional performance management systems just don't work anymore, if they ever did in the first place. With Millennials and Generation Z dominating the job markets, motivation by intrinsic drivers is more important than ever.

Employee feedback loops today should be faster, more meaningful, and more tailored to the person. Agile performance management does just that. The business outcome is stronger engagement, higher productivity, and improved organizational performance.

Action plan

Change & Results

Organizational performance

A more productive business due to better alignment between company goals and employee development

Valuable feedback

A better, faster and more relevant feedback system to help employees get the most out their careers

Employee development

A better performance management system to support a meaningful and relevant career development plan

Employee engagement

A more engaged workforce to reduce turnover and absence, while improving the employer brand

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