Business Model Innovation

— Business models are changing. Customers demand better experiences and more value. Ask Blockbuster. Ask Kodak. Will you lead, follow, or crumble?

Create, deliver and capture value in new ways to keep up with changing customer demands

Business models tend to stay the same over time. Our behaviour, technology and society at large do not. Spot relevant trends, and reinvent or update your traditional business model.  

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Key benefits

Renewed business model in line with modern customer demands and internal strengths

Better understanding of how new business models and trends may impact the company

Improved value proposition that delineates who you are, both internally and externally

Better understanding of what actions to take in order to protect and grow your business

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Digital business models are changing entire economies. Will you disrupt, or be disrupted?

In the last decade, the most drastic changes in business came from new and exciting digital business models. AirBnB, Uber, Netflix and Klarna Bank have all disrupted traditional markets, and many more are bound to follow.

Modern customers are simply looking for the best value propositions. We've all seen how digitalisation has been ruthless towards former incumbents. Just think about the businesses that have been out-competed by Subscription, Freemium, Online Marketplaces, Sharing over Owning, On-Demand and Open Source business models. 

The digital leadership mindset and competence to build a relevant business model before the competition does, could have a major strategic impact on your business!

You have two options: disrupt, or be disrupted. Where will you be?

Action plan

Change & Results

Relevant trends

A clearer view on relevant and impactful market trends and changing customer demands

Customer relevance

A good understanding of how to create, deliver and capture customer value in the new economy

Documented work

A concrete, actionable and well-considered Business Model Canvas to base strategic decisions on

Action plan

A concrete set of strategic actions and next steps to guide the implementation of your new business model

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