Employee engagement

— Measure and improve employee engagement over time tracking well-being over 9 categories and receiving actionable suggestions for improvement

Get employee engagement insights - in real-time

Annual employee satisfaction surveys rarely suffice to recognise engagement levels at your workplace. Step into the future with real-time data to improve your leadership. 

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Key benefits

Better understanding of the organisational health across units and teams

More actionable insights across 9 research-based leadership categories

Get a more holistic view of your company ranging from management, units and to the individual

Reduce the loss of talents and decreased sick-leave

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Digital leadership drive the employee experience

Many companies still do annual employee surveys - at best. Why? How do they improve well-being, engagement, reduce sick-leave and handle ill-suited recruitments? Especially since they only occur once every year.

Measuring the organisation's commitment and well-being over time and acting on insights produce entirely different results. You'll see what needs to be fixed in real-time and proactively solve issues before the evolve into problems. 

You'll end up more meaningful work, supportive management, fantastic environment, growth opportunity and trust in leadership. Essentially what you need for modern digitalised leadership.

Action plan

Change & Results

Reduced employee turnover

Reduced employee turnover and lower sick-leave boosting engagement

Organisation health insights

A tool for organisation polls and organisation health insights in real-time

See trends and improve

An understanding of trends and development over time

Benchmark your leadership

A benchmark of different groups including effectiveness in leadership

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