Impactful goal setting
with OKR

— The best practice of setting and communicating company, team and individual objectives and track their progress based on achieved results

Connect company, team and individual OKR's 

Market leaders like Google, LinkedIn, Intel, Oracle, Twitter and many more attribute their success to goal setting with Objectives and Key results

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Key benefits

More ambitious, qualitative, time bound and actionable objectives

Increased measurability and achievable activities throughout your organisation

More aligned objectives - across company, units, teams and individually

A more engaging and transparent company culture

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Set, communicate and achieve ambitious strategic initiatives with Objectives and Key Results (OKR) 

Most companies rarely meet their strategic goals, especially not within the desired timelines. What if we told you many market leaders use a proven method to set goals and get the results, would you look into it?

OKR is all about the best practice of setting and communicating company, team and individual goals and measuring progress based on actual results. Objectives are ambitious, qualitative, time bound and actionable. The key results should be measurable and quantifiable, make the objective achievable, lead to objective grading and be challenging but not impossible).

What would the impact be if your organisation was fully aligned and really pushed to succeed? As most, probably a lot better off! 

Action plan

Change & Results

Set and reach ambitious goals

The ability to set ambitious yet achievable goals in line with strategy

Aligned organisation

An aligned team on company, unit or team level with tools to individualise OKR’s

OKR methods in place

A methodology in place for continuous work, updates and development of OKR’s

OKR in system solution

A system solution in place to support your recurring work with OKR’s

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