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The TeQflo story started 2017

Why doesn't consultants understand both business and technology? That question was the founding idea of TeQflo - business and technology should be aligned. So is TeQflo - Smart Tech Flowing!

Culture - our Q

Our culture, together with customer value, is the most important thing we have. We have chosen to be different, by taking a different path. We also believe that we can create good lives for our employees while creating great value for our customers and partners.


Mission, Vision, Values & Mindsets

The mission is our quest, the vision our direction, the values ​​our pillars and our mindsets how we are.


Our mission is Smart Tech Flowing for Society. It stands for smart technical solutions based on our customers' context. The solutions are easy to use, work and make the world a little better.


Our vision is to build an international digitalisation company that sells consultations, licenses, products and services.

Value - Customer Value

The reason for our existence is that we create customer value. Our skills should be sought after, valuable and affordable for our medium-sized and growth companies. We want to earn the epitome of strategic digitalisation partner.

Värdering - Care for you

One of the main reasons we created TeQflo is that we want to build a fantastic workplace. We believe in 3 basic principles: Evolutionary purpose, self-governing team and human development from a holistic perspective.

Candid Communication

We are communicative, talk easily and straightforward. We believe that good communication creates trust and we should constantly strive to communicate better.

Collaborative Ways

Cooperation makes us better, both externally and internally. Sharing information, learning and teamwork is key for us and our customers' well-being. We do it together.

Committed Service

Sometimes life may have felt simpler in the past. We keep collaborations simple, we keep what we promise. A handshake is a handshake.

Curious Minds

Today there is no end date for learning and testing. Education and skills are available to anyone with the internet. We love to explore, solve problems and improve. Together we are digitalisers.

Cheerful Workplace

The boundary between work and leisure is artificial when we are constantly connected. It's about enjoying both worlds in harmony. We strive for "work & play". Serious for the task and playful senses.

Character Diversity

We believe that diversity enriches us as human beings. We are stimulated, learn and grow as individuals. We believe in teams with different backgrounds, skills and personalities. Diversity is the key to our success.


Let us improve the world - together!

We always keep our eyes open for new employees. The best way is a mutual match. We can develop you and you can develop us. That's right, it's just a timing issue. Check out our openings below.

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