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Hubspots ABM Software

25th of September, 2020

Author: Jonas Lundh

NEW in HubSpot 2020 - The Account Based Marketing Tool 

The annual INBOUND conference hosted by HubSpot is just finished. Still fresh in our memories though, we want to share our insights and the biggest news coming out of HubSpot in 2020. In this post we'll inspect the new ABM software - from top to toe, so you'll have the best possible basis when looking into upgrading our getting started with Account Based Marketing.

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Note: most of the tools and features mentioned in this post are only available for Enterprise and in some cases Professional. But you can be sure new features will appear in all of HubSpot license models.



If you’re in B2B, your sales cycles are more complicated than ever. HubSpot’s new ABM tools helps marketing and sales teams work together to prioritize the right accounts, personalize outreach, coordinate engagement, and easily measure performance. ABM works perfectly with Inbound marketing, in fact it becomes like a dynamic duo, think Jordan and Pippen, Batman and Robin, Han Solo and Chewbacca...you get the point.

Similarly, when paired, account-based marketing and inbound marketing have the power to make similar impact on the universe for the benefit of your business. ABM is a highly-targeted strategy, meanwhile, inbound marketing is more foundational — a methodology and growth strategy. Inbound lays the foundation for a strong ABM strategy. ABM builds off of inbound by allowing for targeted and efficient resource allocation of high-value accounts.

Could ABM be a strategy to help your business grow? Bounce off a few questions with us and you'll have your answers in a jiffy! Book an online session.


The New ABM Software in HubSpot

Selling to large accounts is a team effort and the ability to collaborate is crucial. The ABM tools are a powerful addition to HubSpot's robust platform.

The tool comes with out-of-the-box features that let you see and target key accounts, and easy to use features for tracking, reporting and performing marketing actions. 

The investments in AI across the entire platform also spills over on the ABM. If you're using marketing/sales professional or above, the ABM tool automatically suggests target accounts to follow up based on the data in your system.

Sales Hub Enterprise - Blog

Setting up your ABM strategy, with ease.

Getting your ABM strategy set up using HubSpot tools is intuitive and fast. At TeQflo we use this tool ourselves (as with most of the Hubspot tools) so take it from us first hand, it is super-easy getting started. you can use workflow templates to define your ideal customer profiles and identify good-fit target accounts. Set up default properties to tag accounts and buying roles. Something very helpful (and cool!) is the AI-powered recommendations of target accounts. This, is all managed within a CRM that holds your existing customers and qualified leads.

Teamwork! Collaborate across teams.

Aligning Marketing and Sales is something that's been recommended for quite some time.can finally use shared tools that unite them around the same data, in the same place. Make use of the Target Accounts Home feature, which gives both teams a bird’s eye view of progress across all target accounts. And with Slack capabilities, you’ll have stronger account-based collaboration than ever. Everyone can come together to support high-value target accounts, create channels named after the deal or account, regularly post KPIs, and share notes automatically between Slack and HubSpot for posterity.

 Track and measure from end to end.

Get a more detailed understanding of what’s happening at an account level with the account overview feature, or get a higher level view using out-of-the-box ABM reporting dashboards. You can even use company scoring to identify the highest value accounts and help prioritize reach-out. 


Some final reflections

Many B2B companies could benefit highly by implementing an account based marketing strategy. And it fits perfectly into the philosophy of inbound. HubSpot's ABM Software is probably the most capable tool we've seen in a while, and gives both your marketing and sales team the best conditions for success. When considering your options for an ABM tool - keep in mind that with HubSpot you'll also have the CRM, marketing, service and sales hub as an advantage. This will fuel your ABM with more data, more insights and a great overview on which actions to take to support your efforts.


We'll help you setup your software and implement your ABM strategy

Maybe you're already a HubSpot user or you've started to look into the different suites available. Regardless we're here to help you make the right decision and assist a smooth implementation. But ABM is not only about technology, it's a but strategy, sales and marketing - and we're eager to set you up for success. Whether it's tech, strategy or both!  Explore the many advantages with TeQflo as your Hubspot partner - contact us today through the channel best suited for you!


Henrik Börjesson, GROW Consultant


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