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HubSpot New Features 2020

24th of September, 2020

Author: Jonas Lundh

NEW HubSpot features 2020 to help

you grow better

INBOUND 2020 is a wrap. And although HubSpot's flagship annual conference had to take place virtually this year, we're super excited for what's to come. During last year's edition, HubSpot mainly announced improvements to the platform. But this year, we're not just talking improvements. We're talking NEW stuff that's going to help us all grow better. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the most important feature and functionality updates to come. And boy, are we in for a treat this year!


Sales Hub Enterprise: powerful and easy to use!

The main headline for the revamped version of Sales Hub Enterprise is "powerful AND easy to use". With this move, HubSpot is directly taking on Salesforce - traditionally the CRM of choice for large enterprise companies. Truth be told, Salesforce CRM does pack tremendous power. But it's not that easy to use. HubSpot is, as we all know, very easy to use. And now it's powerful, too. 

New features in Sales Hub Enterprise 2020

Here are the four most important news flashes for Sales Hub Enterprise in 2020:

  • Custom objects
  • Connected CPQ tools
  • AI-powered sales acceleration
  • Streamlined sales reporting

Tailor your HubSpot CRM with custom objects

Here's one of the bombshells that was announced at INBOUND 2020: the revelation of custom objects. Initially, custom objects will only be made available for Sales Hub Enterprise users. Now any type of data objects, from resell partners to real estate listings, can be used to get the utmost value out of your HubSpot CRM. And that is BIG news!

HubSpot's data model used to be limited to a fixed set of objects. You'd have Contacts, Companies, Deals and Tickets. And that was it. On the one hand, this limitation has been a strength in many respects. Less customizability directly translated into unparalleled ease of use. On the other hand, larger and more complex organizations tend to have more need for customizability compared to your typical SMBs. From here on out, that's a market segment that might want to seriously consider switching to HubSpot. 

Better price quotes, more customizability

In all fairness, HubSpot's Configure Price Quote (CPQ) tool could certainly use some improvements. Amongst others, users would find the lack of customizability challenging, leading them to search for other e-signing solutions such as PandaDoc. 

The new CPQ tool gives you the ability to start and finish your entire sales process without ever leaving the HubSpot platform. From the looks of it, HubSpot users now have access to a cool custom proposal tool that takes the quoting tool to the next level. With the design manager, it's now possible to design your company's own custom proposal and quoting templates. The product library has also gotten a facelift, making it easier to manage your SKUs and sell within HubSpot. Another piece of that is improved accounting integrations to be able to marry that data together.

AI-powered sales acceleration

A lot of weight was put on setting sales reps up for success. A frictionless process that allows the sales department to focus on selling and meeting customers rather than updating systems. A lot of development has been done and more is to come to implement AI across the entire HubSpot platform. An example of this is the automatically enriched properties pulled from email signatures. Important tasks can be created automatically so nothing slips through the cracks. If you're using marketing/sales professional or above, the ABM tool automatically suggests target accounts to follow up based on the data in your system.

Streamlined sales reporting

A more streamlined sales analytics and reporting is launched. This has been a pretty big gap for HubSpot in the past, but now it seems like that's history. A comprehensive collection of customizable, out-of-the-box reports to easily explore powerful insights, including deal change history, sales activities, and sales outcomes. Forecasting is also something that will be less of a pain from now on. You can spend less time reconciling spreadsheets and more time strategizing. With all your sales data integrated inside HubSpot, you'll have the visibility and insight you need to forecast with confidence.

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Marketing Hub: CRM powered marketing

The four most important news flashes in HubSpot's Marketing Hub 2020:

  • CRM powered marketing
  • Marketing contacts: scalable pricing
  • The new account-based marketing tool
  • New in the CMS Hub


Many marketers have access to the same marketing tools and playbooks, so customers are flooded with mediocre marketing now and are getting better at tuning it out.

Chris O'Donnell, CPO at HubSpot

Christopher O'Donnell, CPO, HubSpot

Personalization is key to breaking through the noise. Understanding your customers gives you the ability to communicate in the most relevant ways possible. To succeed you have to power everything with data. Great news if you're a HubSpot user or planning to become one. Marketing Hub will soon enable CRM-powered marketing across workflows, email marketing, database segmentation, behavioural triggers, and more. 

This type of advanced personalization tool is a key differentiator. Much of the strength of HubSpot is found in the connection between CRM, marketing, sales, and service. Now, the tighter integration between the CRM and marketing tools, gives you even better capabilities of personalization, content creation, reporting, and more.

Scalable pricing for marketing contacts

Another huge change for Marketing Hub is the pricing model. There are a million good reasons to have contacts in your CRM that you aren't marketing to. Bounces, unsubscribes, partners, sales contacts, one-off customer success tickets...the list goes on. But while the rest of your company grows your database, you shouldn’t get stuck with the bill. Focus your budget on the contacts that you send marketing emails and target ads to, and enjoy free storage up to one million non-marketing contacts for all the rest.

Updated Account-Based Marketing tool

Like all new features and tools revealed, the ABM tool is also built to "thrive in the new normal". Meaning, it is built to cut through the noise with personalization. 

HubSpot’s new ABM tools are designed to help marketing and sales teams work together to prioritize the right accounts, personalize outreach, coordinate engagement, and easily measure performance.

You'll have the ability to personalize content and tailor how you engage with stakeholders within an account. With new account-level targeting added to the LinkedIn Ads integration, you can now target companies by target account status or tier, and contacts or subsets of contacts at target accounts. The account overview sidebar, the ABM playbook for sales reps, and a native integration to link your HubSpot and LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts, help further deepen your relationships with people over time, helping build more authentic connections with stakeholders within each account.

And as mentioned previously, if you're using marketing/sales professional or above, the ABM tool automatically suggests target accounts to follow up based on the data in your system.

Read more about HubSpot's ABM Software

CMS Hub: A system both marketers and developers love

CMS Hub was launched not that long ago, coming out the headlines where a cloud-based CMS that empowered marketers. So what's next? HubSpot says they really want to push the boundaries of how marketers and developers work together. Solving this issue is a dream come true, if you have any experience in this area, you know how frustrating it can be. On one hand, the marketers want to have easy to use drag and drop editor, the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, and on the other hand developers wants to code locally using their preferred editors, frameworks, and workflows. Throughout 2020 a lot of investments will be made to improving the design system.

Other improvements announced that's being developed is enhanced SEO tooling (The SEO tool is already extremely helpful in my opinion) now, you'll get even more in-depth recommendations on how to improve SEO across your entire website. Efforts will also be made to improve themes with more drag and drop capabilities. Improved Mobile styling is also in the works enabling marketers to create fully responsive pages for mobile, no code needed.

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Service Hub: What's new in HubSpot's service tool 2020

The big three - the most important news in HubSpot Service Hub 2020:

  • Multilingual knowledge base in beta
  • Improved helpdesk
  • Conversations - deliver faster answers regardless of platform

HubSpot has refreshed Service Hub with new features and enhancements that'll help you deliver better customer experiences. In 2019 Knowledge Base Templates was released, then followed by multilingual (in beta) and Restricted knowledge base was launched in 2020. Great features, that we've seen first-hand work magic for our customers. So what to expect coming up? 

The focus for HubSpot will be on developing an improved helpdesk making it easier to help customers with teamwork through a centralized and streamlined inbox. Also putting effort into improving conversations, as customers want answers delivered fast regardless of platform, the need for gathering all your conversations into one channel is increasing. More flexible APIs and the ability to easily create new integrations are the keys to solving the issue and deliver better service.

For the future - multi knowledge bases, to more easily manage multiple brands are being looked at and also mobile helpdesk to better service on the go with ticket management in the HubSpot app for iOS and Android.

Hubspot CRM


Want to upgrade and improve your customer service effort? Well, what are you waiting for, connect with us!


HubSpot Integrations: What's new in HubSpot's ecosystem 2020

The big three - the most important news in the HubSpot Ecosystem Hub 2020:

  • Improved and consistent APIs
  • Accounting integrations
  • Remote work-friendly integrations

Integrating other systems with HubSpot is crucial for an effective business. The quality and openness of HubSpot’s API documentation are one of the main reasons we became a HubSpot Solutions Partner in the first place. The new HubSpot App Marketplace was launched in 2019, now you’ll find over 500 existing integrations with a wide variety of tools and systems. Typically, an existing integration works well for more common use cases and automating simple business processes.

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Improvements are continuously being made. In 2020 we've seen new, improved and consistent APIs. We've seen Salesforce connector improvements and much more.

In development now and one of the focus areas is accounting integrations. It is clear HubSpot is moving towards becoming an all-in-one business platform. Giving you as a user the power to close the loop on deals directly in HubSpot. Another area of focus is integrations improving remote work. The need is obvious, new integrations for Microsoft Teams and Google Meet is underway plus improvements to remote-friendly integrations. 


HubSpot Integrations- New in the HubSpot Ecosystem 2020


Looking to integrate vital systems with HubSpot? You're in luck! We are expert in HubSpot integrations, let's talk!

Conclusions: HubSpot in 2020 and beyond

"Thrive in the new normal" was a line recurrent through the entire INBOUND 2020. We conclude that HubSpot will be a tool that enables its users to adapt to change. The ambition is to better reflect your business in your HubSpot system. It is also clear that they're taking a new position on the market with the Sales Hub Enterprise, a bold statement claiming to deliver both ease of use and power. But by the looks of it, they are about to pull off the greatest magic trick in the book of SaaS, groundbreaking to say the least.

Outstanding customer experience

For the last decade or so what the most successful companies managed to do is innovate their customer experience making it easier and more delightful. Everyone has examples of this, a car delivered to your door, subscription models, etc. Great examples are companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Tesla, Netflix, and Shopify, to mention a few.

This is trend is at our doors now. And CRM is at the core of this because data is what enables the ability to create great customer experiences. To thrive in what HubSpot calls the new normal, create an excellent customer experience, purchasing experiences, fix the bugs in the processes.

Build trust like never before

Trust is a key differentiator. Trust is in shortage. We don’t trust the media, governments. We don't trust salesmen and marketers. If you want to thrive in 2020 and beyond build trust. That is kind of why inbound came up in the first place. But it seems that we constantly need to be reminded that in the digital world, human behaviour and relations are still the foundation of a business. With that said - technology is the tool to building trust at scale today and in the future. For most businesses, HubSpot provides more than enough tools to help your business thrive. The plans for the future look very promising as well. Focus on developing a better mobile experience, custom objects, and the AI investment is really exciting. 

Personalization at scale

The inbound methodology is better than ever, and that's part of the problem. Because when everyone is using the same playbook and tools, marketing becomes mediocre. Jacking into the above conclusions, building an excellent customer experience AND building trust will enable your business to succeed in your inbound marketing efforts. Generating leads, an excellent CX, and strong marketing is not easy and never will be. Put in the effort and the results will come!

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