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Insights are key to change. BI connects data from different sources and shows useful information for better decisions for a brighter future.

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  • Better information for more informed and smarter decisions

  • Faster access to important information

  • Easier to share information and collaborate for better solutions

  • SMART goals and better measurement and follow-up of set goals

Our Solutions 

Google Data Studio

Did you know that Google Data Studio is emerging as a powerful BI tool? As a Google Workspace user, this is your new natural BI tool.

Microsoft Power BI

Did you know that Microsoft Power BI is emerging as a leading BI tool? As a Microsoft user, Power BI is your natural choice for decision support.

HubSpot Reports

Did you know that HubSpot has an excellent reporting tool for your marketing, sales data and customer service data? As a user of HubSpot, you have a really good reporting tool close at hand.

Data Warehouse

Important data is often found in different systems. A data warehouse collects your important data in one place. From there you can easily watch, use and make decisions.


Data is the oil of our time. Business Intelligence provides important insights that create value for your business, help you make better and clearer business decisions. With clear insights and data, your business can thrive now and in the future.


Many organizations rely on large amounts of data, information that you often understand can be valuable but that you do not understand how to refine and visualize. BI creates a clarity that can permeate the entire organization. All employees have access to the same data and can start from the same information.


For Whom?

For you in the management who want you and your employees to make more informed decisions and develop your business in the right direction.


With analyzes that visualize through clear reports and dashboards, you quickly gain new insights that are otherwise not possible. In addition to the clarity of the visualizations that are available, a BI tool can, with the help of advanced calculations, also show patterns in large data collections and develop trends for more comprehensive analyzes.

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HubSpot Reports
Build HubSpot reports

HubSpot is a strong BI tool in marketing, sales and customer support.

From 10.000 SEK

BI Implementation-1
BI in Microsoft or Google

Build BI in leading platforms such as Microsoft Power Bi or Google Data Studio. We help you get started!

From 25.000 SEK

Pre-study BI / DW

Are you a larger company and have important information in several different places? Then a pre-study study is a good idea before the shovel is put in the ground.

From 50.000 SEK

“Insights are the key to change. BI connects data from different sources and shows useful information for better decisions for the future.”

Johnny Josefsson
BI consultant, TeQflo

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