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How Aditro Logistics Used Gamification to Boost Employee Engagement

Aditro Logistics

Aditro Logistics is a fast growing player in the Scandinavian Logistics and Supply Chain industries. With approximately 1100 employees, four logistics centers around Sweden and ca. €100 million in annual turnover, Aditro Logistics is one of the leading contract logistics companies in the Nordics region. In April 2020 they were acquired by Posti Group, the main Finnish postal service. 

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“It awakens the competitiveness in me.”
Aditro gamification 2-1

Rickard Eklöf
Team leader, Aditro Logistics


Creating and sustaining an engaging employee experience is tough. Before we started working together, staff turnover at Aditro Logistics was high. Many employees found the work dull, got bored and left looking for a more fun and engaging work environment. Of those that stayed, work performance frequently dropped well below company expectations. 

In the end, any business is only as good as its workforce. So for companies with serious growth ambitions, attracting and retaining good employees is key. You may be familiar with Gallup's Employee Engagement Index. It's a tried and tested scientific method of measuring levels of internal engagement. On a score of 0-100%, we found that only 13-18% of Aditro Logistics' workforce felt any engagement with the organization. Unfortunately, the lack of commitment and "mental presence" on the work floor also reflected badly on the company's performance metrics. Too many key business goals weren't getting achieved. That was big a problem. And a hard one to solve. 


  • Sustainably boost employee engagement through gamification.
  • Understand which human motivations and desired behaviours to trigger.
  • Launch and learn from gamification pilot within smaller subset of employees.
  • If successful, roll out gamification initiative throughout the company.


Gamification is part art, part science. The beauty lies in making the connection between human behaviour, company strategy and modern technology. It's about converting desired actions into points, rewarding the right behaviours, and changing people from the inside out through digital. This tech-driven method to drive employee engagement is already being used by e-commerce giant Amazon. However, this would be the first large-scale gamification implementation in a Swedish warehouse.

As you might imagine, gamification solutions consist of many moving parts. Before designing a gamification strategy, first we had to understand Aditro Logistics' core business requirements. We organized two workshops to get a clear understanding of their primary needs. Who will be the players? What are the desired behaviours? How will we reward our players for showing those behaviours? How will we measure and monitor progress?

As a second step, we designed the game mechanics. In order to make any gamification program successful, it's key to select the right type of games. Different games are built to inspire different actions and behaviours. It depends on the business goals and the gamification strategy as to which mechanics work best. 

With the first selection of players and games put into place, we were ready to launch our pilot. All players would have their own avatar collecting points for completing certain tasks. The results would be visualized, in realtime, on a digital scoreboard. The logic is simple: higher work performance means collecting more points. In no time, we saw their competitive spirits kick in. 

After several training sessions and testing rounds, the feedback from both the participants and management team was great. Already the players felt more engagement with the company, each other and their own performance. Boredom and resistance went down, fun and commitment went up; exactly what Aditro's executives were aiming for. 

Due to its unique and innovative nature, this case has actually generated quite some national media attention. Below you'll find a selection of articles: 


Besides being the first contract logistics company in the Nordics to leverage gamification at this scale, Aditro Logistics is now perceived as a much better employer. Their employer brand has made significant improvements, both among new candidates and coworkers. Feelings of boredom and being "stuck" have largely been alleviated, if not removed. And it's easier to attract, retain and develop the talent required to fuel their growth. 

After several successful pilots, Aditro Logistics is now rolling-out gamification throughout the entire company. The efficiency of key warehousing processes has improved enormously, resulting in a better customer experience. We've also built several professional gaming rooms, which employees are free to use outside of work hours. Everyone is participating; from individual truck drivers to the management team. In the long run, we're also expecting this transition to technology and gamification to develop more and more. As a matter of fact, Aditro Logistics is even considering launching their own e-sports team!


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