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How ArcAroma Doubled Traffic And Grew to 100+ Leads Per Month with HubSpot

About ArcAroma

ArcAroma is an exciting biotechnology company from Lund, Sweden. They're the innovators of the patented CEPT® technology, which is used for more efficient production of food oils, biogas production, sewage treatment, water purification and medical research.

In this case study, we're looking at ArcAroma's solution for food processing, called oliveCEPT®. This cutting-edge food technology solution helps manufacturers and food producers generate a higher yield of the final product  – as well as increased quality and longer shelf life. 

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“We are extremely pleased with inbound marketing and TeQflo's work. Inbound marketing has created new sales opportunities. We look forward to testing in several areas.”

Johan Möllerström
VD Arcaroma


Like many growing start-ups, ArcAroma had to start building a robust digital marketing structure to scale faster. With a strong focus on business development and customer acquisition, ArcAroma's leadership team concluded they needed a steady flow of new Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) to fuel growth and expand faster. However, being a new kid on the block, oliveCEPT® was still very much unknown amongst potential buyers. To add to the complexity, oliveCEPT's ideal customers and buyer personas were highly specific and located far away. So although the oliveCEPT® was ready to be sold, generating demand from the right type of buyers proved to be difficult. Not enough demand means not enough new customers, resulting in slower-than-desired revenue growth. Something had to be done.


  1. Design an effective international go-to-market strategy.
  2. Implement an easy-to-use CRM and digital marketing platform.
  3. Generate more demand amongst highly targeted buyer personas.
  4. Generate a steady flow of good SQLs for the sales team.
  5. Speed up new business sales and revenue growth for oliveCEPT®.


Together, we decided that HubSpot's Marketing Hub and Sales Hub would be the right technology solution for ArcAroma. And using HubSpot's inbound methodology, we'd be able to design a modern way of marketing oliveCEPT®. However, as a very first step, we had to "zoom out" for a moment and take a closer look at the overall go-to-market strategy. Who are we even selling to in the first place? What problems do we solve for our buyers? And what makes our solution different or better than rival solutions?

As an experienced HubSpot Solutions Partner, we know that any HubSpot implementation is only as good as the strategy that underpins it. So, together with ArcAroma's leadership team, we worked our way through several core marketing topics:

  • What are our ideal customer profiles (companies) and how can we add value?
  • Who are our key buyer personas (people) and what are their challenges?
  • How can we produce compelling content to attract the right buyers?
  • Where can we find our buyers and which channels should we focus on?
  • How can we implement our marketing plan effectively and efficiently?

Having spent sufficient time answering these core questions first, we were able to get the ball rolling quite rapidly. By mapping out customer journeys and producing engaging content such as videos, we were able to attract a lot more attention through paid ads and organic social media posts. Those visitors were then directed to nicely designed landing pages, where they were able to request helpful product sheets by filling out a simple form. Mind you, the key word there is "helpful". As long as you truly understand what information your customers want throughout their buying process, you'll be able to produce compelling and relevant content. And that's how you generate a steady stream of good new leads!


Within just three months, we had generated more SQLs than ever before within oliveCEPT's selected markets. Not only did the amount of new qualified leads go up, but also the conversion ratios from new lead to SQL. In other words, ArcAroma's lead generation engine now generates higher volumes as well as higher quality. And, with a steady flow of good SQLs for the sales team, oliveCEPT® is really starting to experience the international traction they were looking for!


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