How AutoConcept Improved Customer Experience By Integrating With HubSpot CRM


AutoConcept is a total provider of insurance solutions to the automotive market in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. It's the first company in Sweden to offer brand independent Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI). Today they're operating as a free-standing private owned company with head-quarters in Kungsbacka, Sweden. 

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“TeQflo took us on and has led our company through this work in a great way. Now we can continue to grow our company with really good tools tailored for us.”
Anna-Karin Bröms

Anna-Karin Bröms
COO, AutoConcept


AutoConcept's proprietary IT system works great for managing car insurance solutions. However, before we started working together, the information flow between their own car insurance system and other key systems was limited. As a result, it was just too difficult for the marketing teams, sales teams and customer service teams to find the right customer information, at the right time.

Without a central source of customer data such as past interactions, transactions and other activities, collaboration between customer-facing teams and management was simply not efficient. It was tough getting data and reports to match, which meant that different teams weren't working towards the same business goals. 

More importantly however, AutoConcept didn't have the right technology and processes in place to provide the best possible experience to their customers. To the leadership team, that was unacceptable. So they decided to change, and we were asked to help.   


  • Streamline and optimize cross-functional work processes.
  • Implement a modern and easy-to-use CRM system.
  • Configure the new CRM to suit AutoConcept's business requirements. 
  • Set up advanced sales reporting to monitor revenue growth goals.
  • Disconnect data from the proprietary car insurance system.


Ultimately, the modern and easy-to-use CRM system we landed on was HubSpot. HubSpot's all-in-one software platform includes everything AutoConcept needs to move their business forward:

  1. Marketing, sales and customer service teams to work in one IT system.
  2. No more cross-functional friction due to mismatching data and reports.
  3. No more bad customer experiences due to unnecessary information gaps.
  4. New CRM must be easy to integrate with our proprietary car insurance system.
  5. Implementation must be swift, efficient and without high consulting costs.

There's no point denying: the implementation was challenging. We had to start with some consulting pre-work to get a good understanding of AutoConcept's current situation. As a first outcome, together with our consultants AutoConcept's leadership team defined no less than twelve new key work processes. In order to make the integration between the car insurance system and HubSpot's CRM run smoothly, it was important to have an excellent understanding of how to adapt, sync and display information. After all, we were asked to make sure the right customer data was easy to log, find and use by the right people, at the right time!

 Today, valuable insights about our customers and their interactions - on company and people level - are easily accessible to anyone who needs it. They can use their computer, telephone or laptop. No more mismatching data. No more information gaps. And no more bad customer experiences!


In less than three months, we played a big part in changing AutoConcept's core operations for the better. At the start, all their work processes were based on a proprietary and custom-built car insurance system. Although the system itself works great, the people who had to use it on a daily basis needed a system better fit for team collaboration and helping customers. 

Today, with HubSpot's CRM complementing their car insurance system, the entire operation just runs smoother. Marketing can use customer data for better personalization and supplying more good leads to sales. The sales team now has much better insights into their customers interests and behaviours, which helps them win more deals. With improved sales processes and reporting capabilities, AutoConcept's sales leadership now has a much better understanding of how the sales team is performing and what to do to drive revenue growth. And, not to forget, is that the customer service team now has access to a treasure trove of real-time customer data.

It took some effort, but by implementing the twelve new key work processes, including no less than 50 custom CRM properties, AutoConcept has never been in a better shape to delight their customers and improve the customer experience. Day after day. 


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