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Fundamentals of a Digital Go-To-Market Strategy

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Learn the fundamentals of a Digital Go-To-Market Strategy

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Vincent Onderdenlinden

Work hard, grow smart

Why do so many mid-market organisations grow too little, too slow, or too unpredictably?

We've seen a distinct pattern as to why our customer's businesses fail to grow consistently. Ironically, far too often it's actually the business leaders, owners, CxOs, VPs, or marketing and sales directors themselves who are - unknowingly - the main obstruction.

For this 2-day bootcamp, my ultimate purpose is to give Executives the fundamental mindsets, tools and systems to go back and lead their own organisations to success, growth and prosperity!

Vincent Onderdelinden
Course leader

Why smart Executives would be wise to attend:

First of all, as an Executive, I understand your time is valuable. Spending two working days at this Bootcamp would probably be a pretty significant time investment and I'm sure you're busy with other tasks.

HOWEVER: You're probably accountable, or at least partially responsible, for making the company more money. Since you're considering this Bootcamp in the first place, that's probably not as easy as you would like it to be.

I'm willing to bet I can teach you more about the fundamentals of how your customers buy in these two days, than what most Executives have learned in the last two years. Why? Because I have compressed the knowledge I have gained over the last 5 years into these 2 days. So, for the small price of about 16 working hours, I'm giving you the tools and systems that would otherwise take you months or years to collect - which I'm sure would not be beneficial to anyone. 

See, THAT is how smart Executives increase their own productivity: they pay someone else to teach them HOW to make more money for the company in a short amount of time, then they go back and DO it right themselves, to avoid wasting a lot more time on stuff that clearly doesn't work as well as you'd like. 

Still skeptical? We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. See bottom of this page for more details!

Let's get started with why we're even doing this. Today, in the Digital Era, the most common blockers of business growth are:

  1. A non-existent, outdated, or ineffective digital go-to-market strategy
  2. An insufficient understanding of the mechanisms behind business growth
  3. A lack of involvement and modern growth competences at leadership level

The most successful businesses are run by Executives who are obsessed about adding more and more value to their customers' lives. Leaders like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson are experts at getting to know their customers to the very core. Once they truly understand what makes their buyers tick, they design a measurable strategy to market, sell and retain customers effectively. 

There's no question that the best leaders are extremely involved and invested in their go-to-market strategies. They want to understand their customers' thinking patterns, problems, desires and needs. Executives like that will do everything in their power to make sure the wider organisation sells in the way their customers want to buy.

THAT is the kind of growth leadership mindset and behaviour that drives demand, sales, and profits - NOT thinking the product will probably just sell itself, hiring a few marketeers, and hoping for the best. If it did work that way, you wouldn't be reading this. 

YOU can either take ownership, invest a bit of time in learning how to REALLY understand your customers, lead marketing and sales to success, and probably come out a winner - or you just delegate to the bottom of the "growth" teams and run the risk of failure. This is YOUR moment to choose the right path!

What you can expect from this Executive Bootcamp:

During this exclusive, 2-day live Executive Bootcamp, we will help a select group of maximum 12 brave business leaders understand what YOU should do to LEAD your own organisation to a state of serious growth and prosperity.

What you will have learned after these two days:

  1. How to truly understand your customers and how to use that knowledge
  2. How to do effective marketing with your buyer's interests at heart
  3. How to generate profitable sales - with your integrity intact - in the Digital Era
  4. How to align marketing, sales and services to increase overall productivity
  5. How to measure what really matters to growing the business

Be warned: Do not expect to be sitting back and listening all day. You will be working hard on practical exercises, group discussions, and self-reflection. Confronting yet necessary conclusions will be drawn. Real progress will be made. That much we can guarantee!

What you'll be able to implement right away:

Concrete take-aways day 1:

  1. Ability to create an ideal customer profile, buying centres, and a top buyer persona
  2. Ability to design a matching value matrix, to convince YOUR buyers of YOUR added value
  3. Ability to steer your buyer persona's emotional and rational reasoning to buy from YOU
  4. Ability to differentiate your products or business and monetise YOUR uniqueness
  5. Ability to design a practical buyer's journey to guide YOUR buyers to a purchase

Concrete take-aways day 2:

  1. Ability to design a modern sales process to increase sales productivity and sell more
  2. Ability to implement a modern sales prospecting strategy that actually works
  3. Ability to make a concrete sales plan, hence increasing sales team productivity 
  4. Ability to lead and improve alignment between YOUR marketing and sales organisations
  5. Ability to measure the right metrics and collect valuable data to actually help sell more

What is included:

  • Two days of fun, learning and progress in a small group setting with peers
  • One private introductory session to get to know each other pre-bootcamp
  • One 45-minute private coaching session to take action post-bootcamp
  • Drinks, snacks and lunch during the two days of bootcamp
  • A workbook and summary to take home afterwards

MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We are 100% convinced that this Executive Bootcamp is valuable to any business leader looking to grow their organisation. If however, after the first day of the bootcamp, you feel you're not getting the value you'd hoped for, just let us know you won't be coming back for the second day, and we will happily reimburse you 100% of the registration fee!

In summary

Exclusively for executives
Two days of expert classes

Learn how to lead for growth

Real-life relevance only

Limited to max. 12 people

Expect to work hard!

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This Executive Bootcamp is a new concept. In return for your open and honest feedback, we would like to offer our participants some great discounts.

That's why we are happy to announce an amazing launch campaign for Entrepreneurs, CxOs, VPs and Directors in Amsterdam:

  • March 20-21: €275,- per ticket (90% discount) FULLY BOOKED
  • April 2-3: €275 per ticket (90% discount) ONLY A FEW SEATS LEFT
  • April 16-17: €687,50 per ticket (75% discount) 
  • April 30 - May 1: €1.375 per ticket (50% discount

After the launch campaign, tickets for this Executive Bootcamp will retail at a FULL price of €2.750.

We would love you to benefit from this great deal, so get your tickets now!

This is how it works!

Step by step towards mastery


Introduction call

The purpose is to get to know your business, challenges and role. 


Executive bootcamp

2 intensive days combining theory and work.


Private coaching session

Focus on solving your specific growth challenges. 

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Vincent Onderdenlinden
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Vincent Onderdenlinden
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“Vincent has run one of the best sales meetings I've ever experienced. He's very skilled in sales.”
Carl-Henrik Söderström

Carl-Henrik Söderström

“Modern sales is all about combining tools, methods and grit. Vincent embodies all those characteristics with solid experience from HubSpot and LinkedIn.”

Henrik Börjesson
CEO TeQflo