Conversational marketing

— Intelligent chatbots can help marketing and sales teams reduce manual labour, while providing a personalised and authentic experience.

Reduce friction on your website and save your customers time throughout their buyer's journey

Conversational marketing is great way to get more leads and data from your website, but without having to add more human resources. 

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Key benefits

Higher visitor-to-lead conversion ratios and richer lead data through chatbots

More real-time conversations with leads, prospects and customers

Easier to automate understanding, qualification and segmentation of leads

Richer marketing database, by collecting lead data when engaging with chatbots

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How easily can website visitors have a helpful conversation with you?

We live in an age of instant gratification. Leads, prospects and customers want information - and they want it now. However, most companies obviously won't have someone available to help 24/7. This is where conversational marketing and intelligent chatbots come in. 

Having a pleasant conversation is probably the easiest way to learn about your buyer's goals, plans, challenges and buying questions. Now, intelligent chatbots can actually do a lot of the qualification work for you, while providing your customers with a fast and personalised experience.

Every time a new potential buyer chats in, she will automatically be converted into a new lead, your chatbot will ask questions and record answers, and enrich your lead database. If the lead revisits your website and engages with your chatbots again, more questions will be asked and more data will be collected.

Isn't it great what technology can do?

Action plan

Change & Results

More opportunities

A healthier sales pipeline with more qualified opportunities at lower costs

Richer database

A bigger, richer and more segmented marketing database at lower costs

Bots helping out

A human-like buying experience requiring less human resources

More conversations

An additional touchpoint generating more interactions with prospect 

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