Lead Nurturing

— Not all leads are created equal. To increase sales productivity, invest more in nurturing hot and warm leads while ignoring the bad ones!

Nurture your warm or hot leads only, and offer your sales team more qualified and educated buyers

Increase sales team productivity, and help your sales reps get in front of warmer and more educated leads.

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Key benefits

More SQLs to be worked on by sales, putting them in front of more qualified buyers

Smarter, automated database segmentation to nurture and invest in the right leads only

More excited and better educated buyers, increasing the likelihood of sales success

Less marketing and sales resources wasted on bad-fit leads

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Are you investing in warm or hot leads, or wasting time on cold ones?

Especially when selling something that requires some consideration, buyers will typically not request an offer or sales meeting the very first time they come to your website. Be mindful that lead generation is not the same as lead nurturing.

Lead nurturing is about educating, exciting and progressing leads through their buyer's journey. And, whereas a key metric for lead generation is new leads, lead nurturing is all about sales qualified leads (SQLs).

This is how you should be thinking about nurturing leads:

  1. Identify hot leads and get them in front of sales as soon as possible
  2. Identify warm leads and keep educating them through helpful content
  3. Identify cold leads and make sure they are not wasting any resources

An effective lead nurturing strategy will make a massive difference on your business growth. Now let's go and do some cherry picking!

Action plan

Change & Results

More SQLs

A more productive marketing organisation delivering more SQLs to the sales team

Segmented database
A better segmented marketing database to tailor messaging and invest in best leads only

Tracking progress

A measurable and optimisable digital lead nurturing strategy

Strategic skills

The ability to design an effective lead nurturing strategy

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