Live event marketing

— Attending or organising live events is often a costly yet hard-to-measure endeavour, but they no longer have to be a black hole in the marketing strategy.

Measure and improve your ROI on live events, conferences or exhibitions

Measuring and improving the ROI of expensive live events has been a pain for many marketing leaders for many years. Not anymore!

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Key benefits

Easier to measure and optimise the true ROI of your marketing events

More and better lead generation at live events, conferences and trade shows

More effective post-event lead segmentation, nurturing and follow-up

Easier to decide in which events to re-invest, versus which events aren't worth it

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What's the real ROI on your live event marketing strategy?

Conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions and seminars remain an important component in many marketing strategies. Rightfully so, because events allow sales reps and buyers to strengthen their relationships - even in a more digitally connected world.

However, that doesn't mean that live events have to be a black hole eating up marketing budget without any real insights about performance and ROI. We also hear - far too frequently - about post-event follow up not being done properly, or not done at all. Where are all the business cards? Should marketing or sales be doing the follow up? How many sales opportunities and orders are we even getting from these events?

Organising and attending events is usually too costly an endeavour to leave it all up in the air. Be smarter than this. Truly integrate your live events in the buyer's journey, be sure to follow-up, and measure which events are actually worth it!

Action plan

Change & Results

Improved strategy & tactics

A more productive and better live event marketing strategy

Higher ROI

The ability to measure and improve live event performance and actual event ROI

Enrich contact data

The ability to collect and save more lead data during live events

More sales meetings

The ability to generate more sales meetings post-event

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