Marketing-sales alignment

— Without effective marketing and sales alignment, the two key growth teams will never reach full productivity.

Stop missing out on revenue by ensuring your marketing and sales teams work together as one

As a reliable partner to both the marketing and sales teams, TeQflo understands what needs to happen to build a more productive, more collaborative and happier growth organisation.

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Key benefits

More measurable productivity from the marketing team

More and better leads for the sales team to work on

More predictability, more revenue and faster growth

Better aligned and shared growth metrics based on common goals 

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Why aren't marketing and sales aligned?

More often than not marketing and sales work independently towards different goals and KPI's. The negative impact on business growth, sales, and profitability is actually rather unnecessary. 

We can help you fix the misalignment between marketing and sales, up to the point that the two teams are truly united into one growth team

Prepare to boost sales with more and better collaboration!

Action plan

Change & Results

Structure & productivity

A more structured and more productive marketing and sales organisation

Stronger & aligned
A stronger, more cohesive and much better aligned marketing and sales team

Higher sales

A structural improvement for the sales team that will result in more revenue

Shared goals

A stronger sense of collaboration and shared responsibility to drive real results

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