Growth metrics and KPIs

— We can only improve what we can see, and we can only see what we can measure.

Measure what matters, make better data-driven decisions and grow your business a lot faster 

You'll find that we're actually kind of nerdy when it comes to our customer's numbers and metrics. We're looking forward to making sure that your marketing and sales teams are measuring the right metrics, collecting the right kind of data, and are interpreting the data to make better business decisions, leading to better business outcomes!

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Key benefits

Better understanding of which metrics matter most to your business' success

More data-driven insights lead to better decisions and better business outcomes

Measure, learn and improve faster than ever before to outsmart the competition

Smarter reporting and dashboarding to drive continuous improvement 

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Why aren't growth teams more data-driven?

Traditional digital marketing goals are often defined around vanity metrics such as social media likes, email open rates, and website visitors. Those kind of metrics are critical nor actionable. Instead, the effective CMO should measure and improve the impact she has on real sales numbers, such as SQLs generated, Marketing Sourced Revenue, and Customer Acquisition Costs.

A typical modern sales organisation is already built around basic individual and team performance metrics like win rates, sales cycle length, net new sales and meetings generated. But do we know what kind of behaviours drive sales success? Or what we can do to lose fewer deals?

Measuring the right metrics results in a smarter and more productive growth organisation!

Action plan

Change & Results

Measurable & manageable

A more measurable and manageable marketing and sales organisation

Data-driven leadership

A more data-driven leadership team making more informed decisions

More sales & higher profits

A smarter, more productive, more competitive and more profitable business

Shared responsibility

A stronger sense of measurable collaboration to strengthen the culture and unite marketing and sales towards shared growth goals

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