Video prospecting & sales

— Humans are much more primed for video than they are for text. In a world with increasingly shorter attention spans, using video is the new frontier for modern sales teams.

Enable your sales team to build stronger and more human relationships with prospects or customers

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Key benefits

More attention from potential buyers and higher response rates on email outreach

Stronger, more personal, and more human relationships with prospects and customers

Shorter sales cycles, higher productivity, more deals, more revenue and faster growth

More differentiation from competing sales organisations

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Would your buyers appreciate a bit more life in your sales outreach?

Most sales teams have figured out how to use telephone, email and social media in their prospecting and sales strategies. Video? Much less so!

Whose buyers would not like to put a friendly face to your sales team's messages? Is there anyone who would not prefer a personalised video message over a badly written email from potential vendors or partners? And is there any sales rep would not like higher response rates and conversion ratios from outreach to meeting booked?

Video prospecting has yielded the best results we've seen to date. Similarly, recording personalised videos to explain proposals, answering a question with a short and simple video, or even welcoming new clients on board with a quick video has been received extremely well. Leads, prospects and customers alike will absolutely appreciate the more personal and human touch!

In the end, sales is just one person connecting with another person. Videos sales brings back the human touch while being at a distance!

Action plan

Change & Results

A well-defined strategy

A more integrated, measurable and effective video prospecting and sales strategy

A happier sales organisation

A more productive and happier sales organisation closing more deals

Skills for video prospecting

The ability to leverage video prospecting & sales throughout the sales process effectively

Forge stronger relationships

The ability to build stronger and more human customer relationships from a distance

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