Customer feedback

— Understanding what your customers feel and think, in real time, is invaluable for reducing churn and improving your products or services.

Understand how your customers think and feel in real-time, to reduce churn and add more value.

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Key benefits

Better understanding of how customers feel and what they think in real-time

Better understanding of which customers might be at risk at any given time, hence reducing churn

More measurable and improved customer experience over time, hence reducing churn

More insights into what customers want and like, helping to create better products or services


How well are you listening to what your customers think and feel? 

If there's anyone who can help you understand what the customers really needs, it's the customer.

In general, most companies are not actually customer-centric. They push their products or services and hope for the best. Instead, real customer-centric businesses should be taking the time to listen to their customers at scale, collect and analyse customer feedback, and provide what the customer actually needs. 

Customer feedback has multiple uses. Gauging customer loyalty over time is an obvious one. However, in some cases, customers really need you to build a certain feature to alleviate a specific pain. In other cases, customers may want to voice their disgruntlement about poor product performance or bad support. 

Whether you're measuring customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, or customer requirements, really listening to what they have to say will help reduce churn - one of the biggest impediments of business growth.

Collecting customer feedback in a systemic and organised way is a great way to speed up learning, improvement and growth. Just ask, listen, analyse, and say thanks!

Action plan

Change & Results

Reduced churn 

A service or support organisation better able to prevent and/or reduce churn

Feedback strategy in place

An automated, measurable and actionable customer feedback strategy

Boosted customer experience

A more human, more helpful and more timely customer feedback experience

Better support

A trained, smarter and more productive customer support team

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