— Creating, viewing, signing and storing traditional contracts is a major pain for everyone involved.

Get contracts signed, sealed and delivered digitally to operate more efficiently and reduce wasting time

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Key benefits

Higher win rate from contract-sent to contract-signed, resulting in more deals and more sales

Shorter time-to-sign, shorter sales cycles and fewer deals lost

Less time spent on sales, HR, legal, purchasing or finance contract administration

More effective contracting processes resulting in happier stakeholders


Still waiting on contracts to be signed with pen and paper?

Digitalisation is moving ahead, department after department. If there's any one solution that can improve the efficiency of multiple different departments at once, it's e-signatures and digital agreements. 

Sales, HR, Legal, Purchasing and Finance all deal with the same problems: 

  • It takes too much time to create new contracts
  • It takes too much time to get signed contracts back
  • It takes too much time to update or alter contracts
  • It takes too much time to manage contract archives

With a smart and integrated e-signature solution, not a single stakeholder should have to go through that pain any longer!

Now, where should we send our contract?

Action plan

Change & Results

Sign agreements faster

A faster way to get sales, HR, legal purchasing, or finance contracts signed

More effective processes

A more effective way to send over, track and explain legally binding contracts

Track process and changes

A more measurable e-signing process to understand if and how signers are engaging

Archive agreements - digitally

A centralised archive, making it easier to store and manage all agreements

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