Game data
visualisation plan

— The visual experience of a game is key for adoption. When, where and how will the players get their desired feedback. And how to tailor the leaderboards, notifications and other possible feedback mechanisms.

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Key benefits

Better understanding of how and where to present the feedback to the players for adoption

A better understanding of how to design leaderboards aligned with culture and according to applicable laws

Faster implementation time understanding which hardware to visualise on

Faster implementation time understanding which software to visualise on


Visualising points, badges and leaderboards (PBL's) and much more

Seeing is believing. Seeing and interacting are powerful gamification elements. We want to tailor them specifically for your needs. 

Perhaps this sound like a standard 5 minute task to set and forget. But there's more to it achieving excellence, for example:

  • How to design attractive leaderboards and are there regulatory restrictions
  • How to show that data and och which hardware
  • When to show the data and how design notifications

The list is not complete - it will be tailored to your business. 

Action plan

Change & Results

Data visualisation design

Clearly defined and designed data visualisations including leaderboards

Notification design

Clearly defined and designed data notifications

Hardware to visualise the data

A clear understanding on which hardware and software to visualise

Activity and requirement list 

A clear understanding on how to visualise the data on the hardware and software

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