Game data integration plan

— We get a dopamine rush from positive, relevant and timely notifications. Connected data is the key to that ability. We identify the key data, data sources and how to integrate with the gamification engine.

Learn & plan how to integrate gamification data

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Key benefits

Better understanding of the key data necessary to provide players with notifications

Better understanding of the data sources including databases and sources systems

Faster execution of integration with analysis completed

Reduced friction with IT-departments and software suppliers with a clear understanding of data and systems


Connected data is the blood flow of gamification

Just like hemodynamics control the blood circulation in the body, data is the equivalent for gamification. The right accurate and timely data is what keeps the gamification lives pumping. 

The gamification data need will be tailored to your needs. The strategy dashboard defines what data we need to follow desired actions and provide rewards. Thereafter, businesses have varying systems with local variations. As a consequence, the data integration plan will need to be tailored specifically for you. 

So be a pioneer and create the stimulating workplace your valuable co-workers long for! 

But no need to worry. A solid analysis and plan will make the requirements and work clear. The end result is a detailed understanding of the costs to integrate. 

Action plan

Change & Results

Understanding of data

A clear understanding of the attributes of the data to be connected

Data requirements listed

A clearly defined specification of data to connect to the gamification platform

A clear plan

A crafted integration plan for the data to be connected (who, what, when, how)

Clear cost estimations

A clear estimation on resources and investment to integrate the data

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