Game mechanics -
1 dimensional

— The game mechanics are the founding ideas of your game linked to the 8 core drives of a human being. Our 5 step process takes chance out the equation.

Learn how to build game mechanics that engage your co-workers

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Key benefits

Better outcome with game mechanics derived from a proven methodology

More engaging game thanks to the strategy dashboard and 8 core drives mapping

Faster more effective implementation with power/ease analysis and game plan spreadsheet

Easier to envision the game with concept wireframes


Only 2 out of 10 are engaged at their work. What are you doing about it? 

Gamification is predicted to be the fourth technical wave coming after the likes of internet, mobile and social media. Already, it's the silent success factor of most successful applications. What can gamification do for you is the key question?

Gamification is all about using engaging game elements in the real world. To be accurate, we are not creating a video gaming; we are enhancing the experience of the workplace.

Now, why would we need to do that? Well, as research show, <20% of the co-workers are actively engaged at work. Positively impacting their presence (mental and physical) will improve result in a happier more engaged workplace with: 

  • Lower employee turnover
  • Less sick-leave
  • Higher output
So be a pioneer and create the stimulating workplace your valuable co-workers long for! 


Action plan

Change & Results

An engaging experience

A tailored gamification experience plan designed to engage your employees

Alignment of goals 

Alignment between gameplay desired behaviours and company objectives

A clear strategy

A detailed interlinked mapping of players, desired actions, feedback mechanics, metrics, win-state and rewards

A structured to do list

A specified and prioritised list of features and a game concept visualisation

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