Game UI/UX design

— Looks and feel matter! The user interface defines how the player interacts easy, efficient, and enjoyable (user-friendly). The user experience (UX) is a person's emotions and attitudes. Let’s design for great UI and UX.

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Key benefits

Better and harmonious game feel with an overall design theme

A more fun, enjoyable and easy-to-use interface with the gamification platform

A more engaging user experience that relates the culture and player personas

Less development time with visual wireframes and prototypes


UI and UX design for project success

We are simply spoiled by well crafted user experience from leading technical platforms and social media. Why should we settle for less at work?

To invest in great UX and UI is to care about the user and the adoption of the gamification platform. An enjoyable experience is much more likely to be liked and used. 

Therefore, we recommend to work through the experience and interfaces sooner rather than later. For the success of the project.  

Action plan

Change & Results

Design theme

A clear design theme setting the tone for both the UI and UX design

Notification design

Clear objectives and key results for the user experience tested on a limited group

Prototypes of the UI/UX

Wireframes and high fidelity prototypes for the user interface

An implementation plan

A clear plan for visual assets to be developed (for example sites, badges, apps)

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