Gamification pilot launch

— Gamification is bespoke for your business yet the players decide the success. Piloting is a smart way to go live, Involve and collect invaluable feedback.

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Key benefits

Better and more feedback on the game mechanics, UI/UX design, visualisations and notifications

Higher involvement in gamification solution with live players and feedback loops

Live testing of data transfers and the hardware visualising data

Faster launch and reduced risk with iterative and agile process


Gamification pilot launch - an opportunity for a great start

Launching the vehicle to boost employee engagement is a key moment for your business. We should plan and execute with excellence!

Having put in so much effort it is finally time to go live. It's smart to pilot in a unit with users that are willing and motivated to make it a great success. 

We'll leave nothing to chance and make it a great launch. Then learn and improve before we scale. 

Action plan

Change & Results

A tested solution

A tested gamification solution on a selected pilot unit of your business

User feedback loops

Pilot user feedback for future improvements and launch

Key learnings before scaling

An evaluation of the gamification project with key learnings and improvements

An implementation plan

A project plan ready to scale the gamification solution

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