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Industry Expertise

Our experience spans a wide range of industries.

tech & software_

IT & Software

With increasing global competition and rapid innovation, we typically help tech companies find new recurring revenue growth opportunities while reducing churn.


Biotech & Medtech

We help healthcare and life sciences companies modernize their commercial models, so they can focus on data-driven innovation and adding more patient value.


Financial Services

With the financial services sector going through a digital revolution, we help banks and insurers improve the customer experience while reducing back office costs.


 Retail & Grocery

With the rise of e-commerce, we help retailers capitalize on the power of data analytics and personalization to keep up with rapidly changing consumer demands. 



With ever-thinning profit margins and shifting customer loyalty, we help logistics companies modernize their commercial models to keep driving profitable growth.



We help manufacturing companies make sense of technology and data, so they can optimize their operations from factory to supply chain and the customer experience.

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