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TeQflo Amsterdam - 1st international office launched!

by Jonas Lundh, on Mar 4, 2020 6:12:09 PM

Digitalisation and Digital masters are not limited by borders. Neither are we at TeQflo. From the start, the vision of TeQflo was clear; we aspire to build an international digitalisation consultancy company. Continuously, we made preparations accordingly. Today we reached the first milestone - TeQflo Amsterdam is opened! 



Why the Netherlands and Amsterdam in particular? First, the countries share the desire and culture of technology and are both considered to be early adopter markets. That means that several companies in Sweden are looking to enter the Benelux markets and vice versa. Secondly, Amsterdam has the highest concentration of businesses in the Netherlands (in addition to being a beautiful city) and a vibrating business community. Thirdly, and most importantly, we found the right person to make the launch.

Vincent Onderdelinden joins us from HubSpot and will be Business leader of TeQflo Amsterdam. In that role Vincent will be fully responsible for developing and growing the TeQflo Amsterdam office. Also, there will be close collaboration in customer projects, leadership and business development with TeQflo Malmö.


I'm delighted to announce Vincent's arrival. Vincents key skills include modern sales and effective marketing. Having excelled at HubSpot and LinkedIn, Vincent has firsthand experience from developing and executing successful digital-go-to-market strategies and partner programs. Now that skillset will be exclusively available for TeQflo customers, in the Benelux and in Sweden says Henrik Börjesson, CVO of TeQflo. 


"Vincent Onderdenlinden


Launching and running a digitalisation consultancy office in a new city is a great challenge. But Vincent is motivated and well prepared.   


As a Channel Manager at HubSpot, TeQflo was one of my best and most productive solutions partners. Henrik and I had worked together very well for almost 1,5 years, so when he asked me if I would be interested to open an office in Amsterdam, I was sold almost right away. Having spoken with hundreds of entrepreneurs, CEOs, and marketing and sales leaders over the last few years, I've seen how digital change can make or break a company's competitive edge. Typically, Dutch people are quite keen to adopt and leverage digital technologies, so I felt there was a great opportunity to take what had already worked well for TeQflo in Sweden, and replicate their success here in Amsterdam. I am absolutely convinced that we can add a lot of value to the Dutch market, and I am very excited to help TeQflo Amsterdam become a leading digitalisation consultancy firm in the Netherlands! - Vincent Onderdelinden

To launch TeQflo Amsterdam with a bang, we've designed a 2-day Executive bootcamp where Vincent shares his knowledge and will help small groups of Executives develop solid growth strategies. Right now it's available to a great introduction price. Secure your seat today!

Go to the Executive Bootcamp with Vincent!

Interested in exploring opportunities connected to TeQflo Amsterdam? Book a meeting here. Do you want to learn more about the TeQflo Group, please contact Henrik Börjesson.

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