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Digital workplace [for the right tools]

Tired of purchasing computers, old software and poor support? You're not alone in the frustration. Today, private IT tends to work better than the professional one.

With the digital workplace we solve the technology around your workplace. For a smarter workplace with the right tools for the right person.


The digital workplace - for full focus on the tasks

We both like and know IT. This is evident in our knowledge and offer. Our offer includes:

Our offer includes:

  • Hire clients (computers)
  • OS management
  • Application Management
  • Service Desk

Smart and affordable at a fixed monthly cost!

Should the unexpected still occur, our service desk is there to quickly remedy the problem. You just need to contact us in any channel.

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Why optimise the digital workplace?

Today, private IT tends to work better than the professional one. The connection is faster, communication is easy in social media and functional free services for email and calendar.

A digital workplace is both modern, flexible and secure. And increasingly sustainable with efficient power consumption and circular solutions. You order a workplace. We deliver computer, software and service desk - smart!

By choosing us you also choose a flexible overall solution for products. Computers, screens, conference rooms, meeting room booking system or maybe even a gaming room?

» The digital workplace is modern, safe and smart.

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The digital workplace is important for attracting and retaining employees. You get help choosing smart equipment and software. We ensure that you optimize both choice and use for your business.


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New employee on entrance and hard at choosing, installing and securing the right equipment? Choose an easier route. With us you order a workplace. We solve hardware, software, installation and delivery.






It is nice to know the expected cost in advance. With us, the cost is known in advance. Lower your shoulders, get an overview and work tools designed for your business. Good tools make life easier - for everyone!



Modern tools are valuable. Modern tools and working methods attract and retain good skills. Reduced problems reduce friction in the organization. The effect will be double when both criteria are met.

Smoother handling for focus on the core business. You can completely focus on the business and release the handling of product choices, programs and be safe in safety. All with increased cost control.

The question is how can the digital workplace help your business? Tell us! We listen and make recommendations - free of charge!

My most important challenge is...
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Step 1


The first step is always to understand your challenge. We also create understanding with you. Let's talk about your trials to find solutions and discover new opportunities.

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Step 2


Now you are heated. Time to be courageous! The wait and the uncertainty of new methods can make you not keep up with your competitors. Give yourself the chance to grow!

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Step 3


Becoming a Digital Master is not a project - but rather a journey. What is an optimal next step for you? Where should you go to become a digital champion? Let's find the answers!


Digital signage on Aditro Logistics – for the right message to the visitors!

Aditro Logic's staffing operations drive a stream of visitors to the office each week. To best prepare them, Aditro Logistics chose digital screens in the lobby. The aim was to introduce the company and give a modern welcome start. The screens are:

  • Easy to maintain - both in content and technically
  • The solution includes both hardware, software and service agreements
  • Affordable monthly cost

Read more about the journey towards a more reliable company!       

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“Our customers like modern, flexible and cost-effective solutions. Digital displays meet all these criteria.”
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