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Sales 2.0

Do you want Analysis, Strategy & Technology to work together? Then it's time to digitize more! Create growth in your business through the smartest tools on the market.


Digitalised Sales – as a project or service

We can help you implement market-leading sales tools; productive and smart! Then we can provide ongoing support for optimized use. E.g. analysis of pipelines, vendors, forecasting and keeping the CRM clean.

Today's buyers have information takeover today. Grab the clock stick and excel before your rivals do. We implement modern working methods and tools, or support your digitized sales. You choose!

» A modern salesperson works customer-centric and smart. Technology and methodology are the engine behind the scenes...

What are your main goals and needs?

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An Undiscovered Power: Smart Tools & Modern Methodology

The buyer has taken over power from the seller. Understand which potential customers want to do business with you. And work productively with landing the business. The analysis tools show where you are and where you are going.

With smart sales tools, you share information, work just as easily from your phone as your computer and continuously monitor your development. Smart tools like calendar booking, templates, tasks and lead scoring enable smarter sales work!

» It's time to be digitally smart! The future demands more stringent demands on you and your competitors.

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With full review of the business, you can drive sales work forward. Multiple sales pipelines are tailored to your processes and information integrated. The information is easily filtered and displayed. You get a chance to guide the buyer forward towards a purchase decision.




The seller's work is many small acts that the buyer expects to be done within the stipulated time. With tasks / tasks you never have to forget a task again. Create important tasks for you, your colleague or the team; automatically or manually. Doing the tasks is just as easy. Queue up the tasks and work productively.




Log activities easily and keep track of your sales work; for the benefit of the customer. Working with sales via e-mail is not only outdated; it is ineffective and damages the customer experience. With a smart CRM you share and find all important information quickly and easily.

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Sales work should be smooth and fast. Work from any platform; computer, tablet or mobile phone. Logging information is even faster; you log and track important information at the touch of a button.




Measuring what has happened is easy. Looking ahead is the key to influencing the future. We can show progress towards your measurable goals. Sales, future probable sales, productivity and those who are interested in doing business with you.

Close more Sales

First-class sales work is characterised by a smart process, supporting the buying press and having the ability to close business. Expected outcomes are: smart tools that make both you and your customers happy!

When a sales qualified lead comes to fruition, the sales process should start quickly. Simple and powerful tools for your salespeople are an investment in increased future sales.

You get to know - on both activities and how your sales are developing, now and forwards.

My most important challenge is...
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The first step is always to understand your challenge. We also create understanding with you. Let's talk about your trials to find solutions and discover new opportunities.

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Step 2


Now you are heated. Time to be courageous! The wait and the uncertainty of new methods can make you not keep up with your competitors. Give yourself the chance to grow!

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Step 3


Becoming a Digital Master is not a project - but rather a journey. What is an optimal next step for you? Where should you go to become a digital champion? Let's find the answers!


The tool HubSpot helps companies grow

Sales work can be so much smarter. HubSpot is a software in the cloud that often revolutionizes how companies work with CRM, marketing, sales and service.

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“HubSpot has changed how I work with sales. Now I help you towards better sales processes, system support and closing more business.”

André Kronvall
Customer success, TeQflo