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Learning is eternal [inspiration the fuel]

Surely it feels like the development has picked up pace and it is more difficult to keep up? Continuous learning is the only cure we know of.

That is why we share our insights through educations and lectures. We make the complex understandable.


Knowledge develops

Sharing and teaching knowledge is one of the best ways to learn. That is why we decided to offer education. The purpose is to convey both knowledge and experience to you. Win-win.

In the courses, theory is combined with cases for best learning impact. In addition to knowledge, we share real business experiences.

Our courses and lectures focus on our core competencies and include, for example:

  • Digital marketing in practice digitalisation
  • Change
  • GDPR in practice
  • Machine learning (AI) in practice
  • Modern data management

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Why continuous learning? 

Digitalisation is happening and the pace of change is fast. Similarly, high demands are placed on knowledge to keep up. Today, knowledge is no longer static; knowledge is fresh.

There is also a difference between theory and practical experience. We know both the theory accompanied by valuable experiences.

» Knowledge creates advantages over competitors. New opportunities are constantly emerging. We'll make sure you are ahead of competition.

Assess our leadership capabilities!





Our education is based in theory and explained by case. Therefore, our educations receive high marks and are applicable in businesses.

Vägar att ta




Change journeys are journeys together. We inspire, inform and challenge high-level topics such as digitization and change. Many see it as a common starting shot.





From time to time, we receive requests to tailor training for our customers. We like these challenges a lot because it often gives us the opportunity to grow. Do you want a tailor-made lecture or training? Keep in touch.



Thanks, you made me understand what digitalisation is really about!

It is not an unusual response to our lectures. With ancestry in theories we explain with case and example. We also weave together relationships and the red thread helps you understand the important connections.

Take the opportunity to be inspired and motivated for change. Or trained to be able to take the baton and improve your business.

My most important challenge is...
Tänkare - TeQflo-1
Step 1


The first step is always to understand your challenge. We also create understanding with you. Let's talk about your trials to find solutions and discover new opportunities.

take action!-2
Step 2


Now you are heated. Time to be courageous! The wait and the uncertainty of new methods can make you not keep up with your competitors. Give yourself the chance to grow!

Optimera kundvagn
Step 3


Becoming a Digital Master is not a project - but rather a journey. What is an optimal next step for you? Where should you go to become a digital champion? Let's find the answers!


We gave a speech for Exakta about digitalisation & change

Exakta is Sweden's largest and probably with progressive printing company. Exakta also has new business areas around advertising and consultations. They share the need for a unified view of digitalisation and change.

On the leader days, we spoke for approx. 70 people. 35 minutes of digitalisation was followed by 35 minutes of change with a break in between. Despite the length in time, the group was attentive. Then again, the topics were highly relevant. For anyone who wants to develop their business.

Curious? Get in touch!

“Right from the start, we shared insights and knowledge with our customers. It was appreciated why we offer the popular courses to new customers.”
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Henrik Börjesson
Change konsult, TeQflo

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