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Improvement Modules: "Building blocks that help your organisation thrive on digital change".

Looking to improve your business?

Mix & Match Improvement Modules to suit your needs:

Business Intelligence 

Business metrics and KPIs

Data analysis

KPI's and visualisations

Datawarehouse pre-study

Microsoft Power BI
KPI's and visualisations

Data migration & Integrations

Data migration

1-way custom integration

2-way custom integration

Full custom integration

HubSpot - Business central integration

HubSpot - Fortnox integration

HubSpot - Lime integration



Integrated telephony

License audit

Video meetings & collaboration

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Why modules?

Digital progress has given us more and better ways to solve for everyday business problems. However, for many companies, meaningful digitalisation doesn't just come naturally. It's often thought to be too complex, too time-consuming, too hard to manage, or just not worth the hassle in terms of expected ROI.

But don't distress. We're taking all of those pains
out of the equation! 

By combining and packaging our expertise in set of Modules, we're offering you the power of simplicity. Mind you, that doesn't mean long-lasting digital change comes easy – but we are ridding the process of any unnecessary complexities. 

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. — Leonardo da Vinci

Here´s how it works

Our list of available Modules functions like a menu. You're free to mix & match as you see fit. Just select any combination you feel will make the biggest impact on your business today.

Each Module is built around a set of certain key actions. That will help us align on expectations, focus on reliable implementation while achieving clear, measurable and predictable business outcomes for our customers.

You'll find all of our modules further up on this page. When you click on the respective links, you'll find more information about each module. 

» Modules simplify and combine the expertise you need, to change your organisation for the better!

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Your benefits?

The modules are like mini-projects with a clear beginning and defined ending. They're almost like recipes: if you do A, B and C well enough – you'd know exactly what you're going to end up with. In this context, you know the end result is going to be a business problem solved adequately through digitalisation. 

Per module, you'll find that all of the key benefits – e.g. action plan and expected results are stated clearly. We want to be your predictable and reliable partner in digitalisation. 

Nine out of ten times, our customers need several modules to really get going with digitalisation. We sell our modules in clusters of 3, 6 and 10. The more modules you buy at once, the lower the price per module. Not bad, right?

Even better, prices are all-inclusive. No additional bills, no unpleasant surprises, and absolutely no reason for us to waste any of your precious time. Our only focus is on a speedy delivery, adding measurable business value, and leaving behind a digital legacy! 

» Improvement modules are clear in scope and priced all-inclusive!  

This is how we work!

Step-by-step towards Digital Mastery



We listen to understand your challenges, goals, plans and timeline. 



We'll advise you on effective solutions tailored for your problems. 



Time for action! We complete the scope and measure the impact.

Pricing Structure


All-inclusive pricing


All-inclusive pricing


All-inclusive pricing

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