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Designing an effective roadmap to success that results in Changed, Improved and Growing organisations.

Want our Experts to help you design an effective strategy and guide the business to success?

Our Strategy Packages


Coaching for Performance

Digital Go-To-Market Strategy

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Business Continuity Planning

Gamification Strategy Dashboard

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Digitalised Leadership strategy

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About our Strategy Packages:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four to sharpen the axe. Abraham Lincoln

Digitalisation has brought many growth opportunities but also many challenges. Our strategy packages are specifically designed to point out a direction and to define the first set of goals and tasks to enable action. 

Action without direction can be harmful. Yes, it's good to act. However, technical fashionistas are suffering in profitability as a consequence of adopting modern technology wrongly. Strategies are designed to be mindful of your status quo, thoughtful of your desired direction and actionable for results. 

» Our strategy packages prepare you for business transformation - for a sustainable business!  

Here´s how it works

We offer strategy packages for Improvement, Growth and Change. However, the structure of the programs remain the same: 

  1. Set goals & milestones
  2. Review existing resources & content
  3. Digital Go-To-Market bootcamp (if Growth)
  4. Status quo analysis
  5. Identify gaps & hurdles
  6. Design an implementation plan

Our strategy packages are priced all-inclusive for ease of doing business and peace of mind. Once get started, this enables us to focus fully on delivery and quality. 

» We are fans of designing smart and actionable plans - all-inclusive in pricing and scope!  


Your benefits?

Firstly, a strategy package will leave you with a mindful, thoughtful and actionable plan to overcome challenges and achieve big goals. All aspects of the plan are tailored to your current business while keeping the future in mind.  

The second major benefit for you is that you've found yourself a reliable digitalisation partner. The Strategy Packages are often the starting point of our long-term partnership. Our customers view us as an equal in the relationship - because that's how we work and what we continually strive for. 

Combined you have both the plan and the partner to become a digital master. 

» Our strategy packages are a great start on your journey towards digital mastery!  

Standard included in
Strategy Packages

Goals & milestones

A half-day interactive workshop to align on the project's mission, goals and objectives, milestones and realistic timelines.

Resources & content

A one-day audit to assess the quality and usefulness of existing resources and content. Includes professional recommendations.

Digital GTM strategy*

A two-day Leadership Bootcamp at a location of your choice. 

* Included in Growth strategy packages. 

Status quo

A deep analysis of the organisation's current standings and today's reality. Includes professional recommendations.

Gaps & hurdles

Based on the goals & milestones workshop and the status quo analysis, we map out your key strategic gaps and hurdles

Implementation plan

A structured plan to execute on the strategy effectively. Includes roles, responsibilities, relationships, milestones, timelines and metrics.

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