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We create customized CRM systems, innovative IT and targeted marketing that drive growth for our customers

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Get to know TeQflo - who are we?

Welcome to TeQflo - We are your tech partner driving smart change. We empower businesses with tailored solutions for growth and transformation.

Our passionate experts cut through corporate jargon to help you thrive. We embrace continuous innovation, guiding you through change with our GROW, IMPROVE, and CHANGE categories.

TeQflo specializes in CRM implementation, strategic digital marketing, sales support, technical assistance, and consulting. Whether optimizing processes, boosting sales, or enhancing digital presence, we propel your business forward.

We're your growth engine, leveraging tech to keep you ahead. With flexible work options, we collaborate virtually, from our Jägersro office, or on-site with clients.

TeQflo team


Our experts excel in various fields, working both within their specialties and cross-functionally. Here are our key competencies:


TeQflo specializes in CRM systems, offering comprehensive services in implementation, integration and support, to optimize your marketing, sales and customer service processes.

Change management

We can help you in managing growth, redesigning business strategies and restructuring, using advanced tools and tailored solutions to ensure seamless transitions and sustainable success.


We deliver tailored strategies, engaging content and cutting-edge digital marketing solutions to strengthen your brand. With digital advertising and film/photography content, while measuring and analysing the result, you'll connect with the right audience.

Tech & IT

TeQflo specializes in creating tailored IT solutions, offering comprehensive services in device management, cloud hosting and proactive support, to ensure your business runs smoothly and efficiently.

Meet our Dynamic Team


At TeQflo, our team is the heart of our organization.

We prioritize competence and foster a culture of personal growth and development.

We believe in delivering the utmost value to our clients, which is why we invest in providing the best value to our team members.


Get to know us


Andrej Nilsson


Talks about #Sales #Customer relations #Strategy


Josefine Mellbrand

CRM Consultant | GROW

Talks about #Hubspot #Sales Hub #Marketing Hub #Websites


Sofia Johansson

Digital Marketer | GROW

Talks about #Social Media #Advertising #Photographer #Videographer 


Johnny Josefsson

Senior Consultant | IMPROVE

Talks about #IT #Architecture #Strategy #Interim C-level


Emily Hörstedt

CRM Consultant | GROW

Talks about #Hubspot #Sales Hub #Marketing Hub #Websites


Kim Halldorsson

IT Consultant | IMPROVE

Talks about  #IT PM Services #Process Mapping #IT Support #Service Desk


Mae Jane Arabejo

IT Consultant | IMPROVE

Talks about ##Cloud #General IT #Network Solution Implementation


Tobias Lundberg

IT Consultant | IMPROVE

Talks about  #IT Tech Support #Cloud Services #Azure/Google Cloud


Henrik Börjesson

Founder | CVO | CHANGE

Talks about  #HubSpot #Growth strategies #Finance


Madeleine Olsson

Consultant | GROW

Talks about #More info coming up 

blank image

Maia Torell

Frontend-utvecklare | GROW

Talks about #More info coming up


William Alm

Q-hub Technician | IMPROVE

Talks about  #IT-Support #Servicedesk


Martin Sjöström


Talks about #More info coming up


Martin Hallbeck 

Head of finance | IMPROVE

Talks about #Business #Financial controlling



Office Dog | Stress reliever

Talks about #Fetch #Dog candy



Office Dog | Stress reliever

Talks about #Begging for food #Sleep

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