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HubSpot: Top 5 improvements Q1 2023

Best new features in Q1 2023 (so far)

Every month, HubSpot releases many new features. Some are smaller improvements, some are really long-awaited, and at times real game-changers. 2023 has started really excitingly and in this article, we take the liberty of highlighting our favorites.

Reading about HubSpot improvements is always exciting, but it is also a great chance to take advantage of and implement them. If you need help, we are a HubSpot Platinum partner skilled in all hubs. If your an existing customer, you can book a meeting directly with your HubSpot consultant. If you're new to TeQflo, please feel free to schedule an introductory meeting here. With that said, let's get started!

Picture of Henrik Börjesson Henrik Börjesson


Did you know that user experience is an important factor for success on a website?

As more companies establish their online presence, it becomes increasingly important to improve the user experience on your website to stand out from the crowd. A good user experience can help attract and retain customers, increase engagement, and ultimately drive conversions. Here are 5 simple steps to improve the user experience on your website:

Picture of Maia Torell Maia Torell

Google workspace latest updates: January 2023

Hi all!

January is over, and January is what it is. But we do see that we in the oblong country of Sweden, at least in the southernmost parts, is heading towards brighter days again. Yes there are some colder days now again and will more specifically also happens at the end of February, but that is to be expected. Happens every year!

So more interesting, what is happening in the joyful world of collaboration with Google Workspace then?

Picture of Johnny Josefsson Johnny Josefsson

Google workspace latest updates: November 2022

Hi all!

November went by fast, and I have no doubt December will be the same. We’re soon at the very last cycle of a new year depending on where in the world we’re located. At the moment, down in the southernmost parts of the oblong country of Sweden - we’re finally, but probably briefly, experiencing the good kind of cold and thus the feeling of the holiday season probably comes more naturally to many. At least I hope so! And with this excitement what has happened in November of the fantastic collaborative world of Google Workspace ? 

Picture of Johnny Josefsson Johnny Josefsson