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StoryTourist - UX design for a better customer experience


StoryTourist is a young exciting business with its roots in Malmös flourishing startup scene. StoryTourist offers a tourism experience where books, films and other stories come to life, turning the world around us into a playground for the imagination. We create self-guided audio walking tours based on well-known stories, such as Sherlock Holmes, The Little Mermaid and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. With the StoryTourist app, you can find fun, flexible and affordable options to traditional guided tours.
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“We needed a cost-efficient and reliable partner to help us develop functions and the UX-design on our website. We are very pleased with the work TeQflo has done and now have a website that supports our customer's journey and better reflects our brand."

Maria Lundin
Marketing Manager, StoryTourist


With an outdated website a serious rebooting was needed both in terms of design and function - and if possible asap. The new website needed a more modern design, responsiveness, SEO optimization, and overall better support of the customer's journey. 

 Homepage prior to our work



  • Improved UX-design supporting the customer's journey
  • An interface including templates that easily can be implemented and for co-workers to update and publish content. 
  • Responsive website for desktop, mobile and tablet. 
  • A overall better customer experience


A smaller project group was put together with people from both TeQflo and StoryTourist. Needed and desired functions and UX-design were presented in a brief. Sections were moved, images added, pages created and removed. All with the purpose of optimizing the customer experience. 

We created a design with the most important "job-to-be-done" in mind, taking the visitors to their popular guided walks, the products. To relieve support a FAQ page was created where visitors easily could find answers to the most common questions.



Whenever we work on a web project we more than often work according to the "Growth-Driven Design" methodology as our basis, regardless of the size or scope of the project. It is our opinion that it's both more cost-efficient and also sees the project finished in time more often in comparison to traditional web development. 

With a new design and a better site structure in place, Sotrytourist have the best conditions for attracting and converting more visitors.



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They have the basis for more efficient SEO and most definitely a design that better reflects their awesome business idea! Regardless of visitors navigating on a laptop, mobile, or tablet, it's streamlined to help the visitor accomplish what they set out to do.

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