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Customer Support & Feedback

Modern customer support is about being reachable in multiple channels, sharing helpful information, listen, answer and gather valuable customer feedback.

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  • A better organized, effective, and helpful service team. 

  • Smarter routing of customer inquiries and automation of tickets.

  • Enable customers to find answers to questions and deliver a better customer experience.

  • Measurable and improved customer experience over time, which decreases churn. 


Our Solutions

Ticket Management

A better organized, more effective, and helpful customer service results in an improved customer experience and counteracts loss of customers.

Knowledge Base
Help your customers help themselves. Deliver a better customer experience and at the same time save your business time and money.

Customer Feedback

Understanding your customer, what they feel and think in real-time is invaluable when it comes to decreasing churn and improving your products or services.


Customer insights and understanding their needs is the basis for successful customer service. Customer service that opens for increased sales and loyalty. Often the structure for making these insights accessible is missing. 


We are all well aware of how important customer loyalty is today - with the right tools and, the smart methodology you have the ability to get much higher customer satisfaction. Create an omnichannel for tickets that enable smoother and faster management and receive valuable feedback.

For Whom?

For business leaders, COO's, customer service and marketers who wish to optimize the customer journey for their customers and retain more customers for a longer time. 


A frictionless customer experience, increase customer loyalty and reduce churn.

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Get started with improved customer service and create a better customer experience! Explore some of our most appreciated projects for customer service below. 

Customer Journey
Customer Journey Mapping

Get a clear view of your customer's journey - from the first touch and through the entire process. 

From 25.000 SEK

HubSpot Implementation Service
Impl. HubSpot Service Hub

HubSpots customer service tool is one of the market leaders.  

From 50.000 SEK

zendesk support-8
Impl. Zendesk Support Suite

Zendesk is ranked as one of the best customer service tools in the world. 

From 100.000 SEK

“Modern customer service is about being reachable in multiple channels, sharing helpful information, listen, answer and gather valuable customer feedback.”

Henrik Börjesson
Grow consultant, TeQflo

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