An IT-partner close by. 

Our formula is simple but powerful - we merge business strategy with IT and tech. Welcome to your proactive IT partner. We create better IT solutions - reliable and cost-efficient. 

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  •  Proactivity: a long-term partnership on your digitalization journey that contributes to efficient business development. 

  • A full-service IT partner: consultation, IT services, hardware, and software.

  • Breadth is our tip: with extensive experience from challenging IT-project, large and small. Less boxed and more solution-oriented, we are a part of your team. 

  • Accessibility: you are always prioritized and only one call away from personal service.



IT is no longer something stand-alone, it permeates every aspect of a business. That is why an understanding of business is so important. At TeQflo you'll have access to a partner that possesses this understanding. Your IT should be adapted to your business and never the other way around. 


A proactive IT partner simplifies and improves the IT and supports business development. With user-friendly It and tech adapted to your business you'll have all the right conditions to prosper and be efficient.

For whom?

Today IT is a topic for management and something that affects the entire business. As a CIO, CTO, COO, CEO, or CFO, IT and technology should always be on the agenda. 



In TeQflo you'll have a partner on the journey when developing digital skills. A more effective organization with total control of costs.


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Curious about how IT and technology aligned with your business would affect your organization? Try some of our proven and eye-opening offers. What would effective and tailored tools mean to your co-workers? Step into your future IT settings today! 

digital skills
Digital Skills - Workshop

Get an audit of your digital maturity.

IT infrastructure Pre-study

We carry through a pre-study on your infrastructure with increased efficiency as our goal. 

Modern Workspace Pre-study

Do your co-workers have access to the right tools and devices to work efficiently in 2021 and beyond? 

“Bilpartner is a great example of how IT-solutions can have a positive effect on the business and for the customers as well. We have gradually improved Bilpartners IT environment and the results speak for themselves. 

Johnny Josefsson
IT consultant, TeQflo

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