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Google workspace latest updates: January 2023

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Hi all!

January is over, and January is what it is. But we do see that we in the oblong country of Sweden, at least in the southernmost parts, is heading towards brighter days again. Yes there are some colder days now again and will more specifically also happens at the end of February, but that is to be expected. Happens every year!

So more interesting, what is happening in the joyful world of collaboration with Google Workspace then?


#1 Speaker Notes
View speaker notes more easier and with confidence while presenting in Google Slides and Google Meet.


#2 Voice Features

Improved voice feature for presentations and transcription in real-time for Google Slides and Google Docs.


#3 Google Docs

Enhanced option to view non-printing characters to better understand the layout of the documents.


#4 Google chat
  • Simpler conversation creation. Just select names and off you go in the conversation from now on.
  • Improved management of memberships for Spaces.


#5 Google meet
  • Expanded in-meeting reactions. Use emojis to share emotions and reactions.
  • Enhanced share access of presented content with all attendees.
  • Zoom interoperability built-in to Google Meet.

#6 Google calendar

Search availability across multiple calendars when using appointment schedules.


#7 Google Drive

Display Google Chat spaces names when granting access to files to more efficiently and secure sharing.


#8 Meeting rooms

More efficient usage of rooms by e.g. automatically releasing if not enough people accept it, or accept it by joining physically.


#9 Security & Compliance
  • Google Workspace API access to be managed from one location in Google Cloud console.
  • Google Vault now supports client-side encryption for emails.


#10 Google Workspace
  • Possibility to allow users to set and share personal pronouns across the products.
  • Gmail - the new user interface is standard and the last roll-out phase is started. 

/ Johnny


Please note: This is only some of the feature releases and some depend on the specific Workspace plan you currently have.


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