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Digitalization impacts all industries and businesses. With strategies, you'll be in control of your development and create a sustainable business for the future 

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  • A better overview of your current status, goals, and how to navigate towards your goals. 

  • Increased insight into IT and technology and how to invest smarter.

  • Efficient methods and tools to reach, sell to and create loyal customers. 

  • Proactively prepare and adapt business models to a new digital world.

Our Solutions

IT & Digital Strategy

Navigate in a smart way through the digital world and chose IT and technology that improves your organization and helps you reach your strategic goals. 

Go-To-Market Strategy

 Create a strategy for growth, including ideal customers, buyer's journey, modern sales strategy, KPI's, and customer service. 

Business Models

The traditional ways of earning profits are slowly dying. The market demand is changing fast and digital business models are the future.

Service Strategy

Your customers want a great customer experience across all channels and touchpoints. Understand your customer's journey and deliver world-class customer service.


The ability to continuously change is essential. Sometimes larger initiatives are called for, transformations. It is not complex, a transformation takes you from A to B. 


Understanding and being equipped for the ever fast-paced  changing nature of digitalization is more important now than ever. To have the ability to make smart decisions in relation to IT and technology, to navigate the digital oceans is a key factor for companies today. Digital maturity creates competitive advantages that enable continuous growth. 


To focus on the core business and strategies simultaneously can be challenging. Strategies get left behind and tasks are resolved ad hoc. We are your partner and supports and helps you take the right strategic decisions.

For whom?

All leaders responsible for a business including the management team, board and owners of a business. 



A documented and clear understanding of the customer, the buyer's journey, and how this improves the customer experience. 


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Get a first glimpse of how smart strategies can impact your business. 

Audit Digital Skills
Audit Digital Skills

How do your digital capacities look as of today and what could be of great impact with low efforts and resources here and now? We help you get started! 

From 10.000 SEK

Audit Digital Master
Audit & Workshop Digital Master

Digital masters is both more profitable and productive. We help you lay out the road to digital mastery. 

From 25.000 SEK

IT strategy
IT / Digital strategy

with the right strategy in place, you'll be able to navigate smarter in the digital landscape. We help you work out the best strategy for your business.

From 50.000 SEK

“Digitalization impacts all industries and businesses. With strategies, you'll be in control of your development and create a sustainable business for the future ”

Henrik Börjesson

Change consultant, TeQflo

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