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Create a modern working environment - for work both in the office and remote.

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  • More productive work with modern tools for both the office and remote work.

  • Proactive smart choices of software and hardware for drift, secure usage, and collaboration.

  • Easy handling and ordering of software and hardware. 

  • Easy and proactive support with an IT partner and ServiceDesk wrapped in one.

Our Solutions


A new computer delivered with all software installed and updated for easy and secure usage? Order client management today! 


The workspace includes everything on your desk and in your office. Get in control by leasing computers, accessories, phones, and hardware all with full lifecycle management.

Home Office

2020 really sky-rocketed remote work. Is your home office really an optimized workspace? We'll set you up for success! Everything from hardware, internet connection, security, and ergonomics.


Make smarter hardware purchases with our carefully selected standard assortment. We handle purchases, delivery, and lifecycle management. Easy, affordable, and environmentally friendly.


A business depends on the right software and licenses, but it's often a jungle. Make life easier - outsource licensing and experience less hassle. 


Did you know that it is your users that compose the biggest IT security risk? We help you with secure IT through proactive work and the right tools. 

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Today the workspace is not necessarily a stationary space. The last couple of months have clearly shown us that it's of great importance to be able to work efficiently remotely. Co-workers demands and should have access to great tools and have the ability to work from any place at any time. 




Computers, screens, meeting bookers, digital signage, conference rooms, and continuous updates of software and security requirements. We offer more effective work days through product supply, licenses, lifecycle management, client management, and administration of your clients regardless of type or brand. With our solution for modern workspaces, you can feel secure, knowing your co-workers have tools, adjusted to their individual needs and that they can connect safely without exposing your organization to any risks.

For Whom?

For the workforce at the office and working from home  



Enabling you to focus on what you do best, your business, we help you create the very best conditions for a modern and effective workspace. An organization with the right tools - Is a more efficient organization.

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We help you create the very best modern workspace. Get started instantly with some of our most appreciated projects and offers.

Pre-study Modern Workspace
Pre-study Modern Workspace

Do your co-workers have the right tools and equipment for effective work in 2021 and beyond?

Office 365 licenses

As a Microsoft partner we deliver licenses and support. 

Product Supply
Product Supply

TeQflo is your supplier of hardware. We provide the right tools for the right user.

“Bilpartner is a great example of how IT-solutions can have a positive effect on the business and for the customers as well. We have gradually improved Bilpartners IT environment and the results speak for themselves.

Johnny Josefsson
IT consultant, TeQflo

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