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Bespoke digitalization for you.

Digitalization is rarely standardized. We tailor solutions for your business.


We build decision support in several different tools, mainly Microsoft Power BI, HubSpot, and Google Data Studio. We also have experience in IoT and advanced data analysis machine learning (AI).


Business systems are the hub of many businesses. Therefore, they quickly become complex and out of date. We have helped several customers implement and improve their business systems, for example Microsoft Business Central. 


Gamification is much more than games. Done correctly, monotonous tasks can become exciting challenges linked to our driving forces as humans. We have gamified warehouse operations, what do you want gamified?


 It goes without saying that a website should be modern, stylish, and easy to update. More important is the content and the ability to adapt to the the visitor. We build and develop your website in HubSpot CMS, a platform for the future. 


Do you need a customized portal for your business? For example, it could be an intranet, customer or supplier portal. We have built customized portals for customers where, for example, we have customized the purchasing process. 

How digitalized are you?

Take our status tests and test if you are a digital master. The test measures your digital abilities as well as your leadership. High digital ability and high leadership characterize a Digital master. Then follow the categories Fashionistas, Conservatives and Beginners. Where are you?


Tailor-made projects require broad competence, operational experience and the ability to deliver in complicated projects. We have all these parts at TeQflo.

Several employees have experience from leading positions in medium-sized and large companies. This comes in handy for interpreting business needs and setting the direction.

Our experts are just experts. Developers build websites, controllers build decision support and systems scientists build business systems. Sub-consultants supplement our own employees. We can take overall responsibility for the delivery or be part of your team.


The starting point is your needs. So let's book a needs meeting and we'll take it from there.

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