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Google workspace latest updates: November 2022

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Hi all!

November went by fast, and I have no doubt December will be the same. We’re soon at the very last cycle of a new year depending on where in the world we’re located. At the moment, down in the southernmost parts of the oblong country of Sweden - we’re finally, but probably briefly, experiencing the good kind of cold and thus the feeling of the holiday season probably comes more naturally to many. At least I hope so! And with this excitement what has happened in November of the fantastic collaborative world of Google Workspace ? 


#1 Sheets

Resize the pivot table editor side panel. You got all the vista needed when there are long column names to manage!


#2 Meet

Chat has extended functionality for sharing and permissions of google files for the specific meeting. Keep data secure, but available for the meeting purpose!


#3 Meet

Do you run a virtual desktop for digital meetings? Now your meeting quality has improved. Sweet!


#4 Takeout

Updated admin controls page to control organization data versus personal data exports! Compliant and easy!


#5 Admin

Key Migrations for client-side encryption. Safely add, change or rotate the keys that are securing all your data to only your eyes, no one else's!


Reminders new Gmail user interface became the standard experience (no reverting) Migrate your classic Google Sites before end of January (last deadline)

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Stay tuned for next month! Euhm this month?

/ Johnny


Please note; This is only some of the feature releases and some depend on the specific Workspace plan you currently have.


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