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HubSpot: Top 5 updates May 2023

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In usual fashion, HubSpot has released some new updates that make HubSpot even better!

Although we are a bit late in reporting on the updates for the month of May, we still want to share the exciting news that is still very relevant.

In our previous post, "HubSpot: Top 5 Improvements April 2023," you can read about the best updates released during Q1. In this post, we will instead focus on the updates released during the month of May.

HubSpot improvements are always exciting and an excellent opportunity for you, the readers, to take advantage of them. If you need any assistance, we are here for you. Feel free to book an introductory meeting with us, but now let's dive into the best changes of the month!


New and Improved Features for May 2023


#5 Chat capacity limitations

HubSpot has a great Live Chat feature that is even included in free HubSpot accounts. However, enterprise customers with higher chat volumes have requested better agent balancing. Now, the solution has just been released.


Example image of capacity limit for livechat in HubSpot


The maximum limit per user is defined to better distribute work and thus reduce response times and optimize the customer experience.

While there is still more Enterprise functionality to be desired, this was a welcome step in the right direction. And for those with small and medium-sized businesses without live chat, you can try it out through HubSpot for free!





#4 Colored tags for ticket cards in the pipeline

This functionality was erlier released for Deal cards visible in the pipeline, and now it is also available for tickets, which I believe is worth highlighting.

This contributes to a better overview and prioritization. With these tags, you can easily visualize important information directly on the cards visible in the pipeline view. For example, you can identify tickets that lack an owner or require a response within a certain timeframe. Additionally, you have the option to further categorize them with different colors.

Ticket tags example


#3 Book meetings for colleagues

Several customers work with telemarketing and sales teams, where the former group books meetings for the sales representatives. Measuring meeting bookings for others has been a challenge and has been somewhat inadequately addressed using meeting links. But now, that is no longer the case.


HUbspot example of the book a meeting function


In the updated solution, users can book meetings from the contact card to their colleagues directly within HubSpot. In the booking flow, it is specified who is organizing the meeting and who owns the execution of it. Naturally, this data can be utilized in follow-up activities, such as reports and dashboards.

To be able to have meetings booked for them, the meeting owner needs to have a paid license, which is often already the case as they are frequently salespeople or account managers.


#2 Conditional-based logic - create records (contacts, companies, deals, tickets, and custom objects)

Creating contacts, companies, deals, and tickets is often done by users, but until now, there have been few options available to customize this according to specific needs or functions. Finally, we can announce that the functionality has been released for all objects, both standard and custom ones.

It is easy to customize according to your needs, for example, if this pipeline is being used, these fields need to be filled in. These fields can also be made mandatory. In other words, you can have better control over entering relevant information, neither more nor less.

Video example


#1 Global search enhanced

As number 1, we have chosen a broad feature that is frequently used by many - the global search function. Now, the search results have been visually improved, and filtering works smoothly. A great enhancement that makes the CRM system more useful. 


The rising star of the month, the Oneflow HubSpot integration is now bidirectional

When Oneflow released its integration with HubSpot, it simplified the contract creation process by allowing CRM information to populate the agreement. But what happens when the information needs to be updated in Oneflow? Until recently, this meant double registration. In the updated integration, data now travels two ways, so changes in Oneflow can be reflected in the CRM. Smart and better!


Do you need help?

As always, we are here for you, whether you want to discuss HubSpot's new features or have any other questions regarding HubSpot. As a HubSpot Platinum partner, we are knowledgeable about most aspects of the HubSpot platform, including websites, integrations, and master data.

The easiest way is to book a free meeting with us.



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