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HubSpot: Top 5 improvements Q1 2023

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Best new features in Q1 2023 (so far)

Every month, HubSpot releases many new features. Some are smaller improvements, some are really long-awaited, and at times real game-changers. 2023 has started really excitingly and in this article, we take the liberty of highlighting our favorites.

Reading about HubSpot improvements is always exciting, but it is also a great chance to take advantage of and implement them. If you need help, we are a HubSpot Platinum partner skilled in all hubs. If your an existing customer, you can book a meeting directly with your HubSpot consultant. If you're new to TeQflo, please feel free to schedule an introductory meeting here. With that said, let's get started!


#5 Multiple App improvements for iOS and Android

Example image of phoneHubSpot's apps enable you to have the CRM system in your pocket or on your iPad, wherever you are. And our impression is that HubSpot is accelerating the development of the app features. Here is a list of the latest improvements:

  • Now meeting links can be found and shared directly in the app
  • New Log activity options now also include SMS, WhatsApp, LinkedIn and by post
  • Possibility of notifications (@mention) on Tickets

Moreover, if you haven't updated the app in a while, you'll be happy to now find tickets, Conversations, and Dashboards in the app. So update the app and take full advantage of your CRM system in your pocket.


#4 Limit access to Files based on Team


Hubspot files image


HubSpot partitioning generally starts in the Enterprise packages but one area has been missing, namely Files. Files are primarily used within the Marketing Hub, where basically every published file asset published is in Files, for example images. Therefore, both structure and access rights have been important areas for our customers.

Folders have been around for a while. However, now the folders are supplemented with folder-level permissions. This feature enables you to define access for viewing and editing to teams in HubSpot. 

Meanwhile implementing, why not take the opportunity to clean and structure your file library. If you have a mess and are curious on the best practice, feel free to contact us


#3 Calendar view while scheduling meetings

Integrating the calendar with HubSpot is an immensely popular functionality. However, it has been more difficult to visualize one's own (and colleagues') calendars. Now comes (finally), a first significant visual improvement. When you schedule a meeting via the contact record, you get a visual view of your calendar and it becomes easier to find a time that suits you. The enhancement applies to all license levels and is live.


Contact card in HubspotCalendar booking in Hubspot


#2 Increased security with 2MFA and Audit Logs

The CRM system contains important, often critical, information for your business. Therefore, HubSpot is rolling out mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) to all portals. To further visualize the status of security, HubSpot has launched a Security center. In the security center, you'll see how secured your HubSpot portals are on a scale of 0-100%. You can also see which users not having setup 2FA yet, their user rights, and to have their contact information available for action.

Implementing, governing, and supporting HubSpot CRM-systems on a daily basis, it is also very valuable to see what have happened in the portal. For example. at times we're contacted by customers about CRM changes that have taken place with or without our knowledge. Now we, and you, finally have a tool that tracks these changes. It makes fault finding and the measures faster and the governance safer.


Audit logs in Hubspot



#1 Deals: Pipeline logic and visualize Deals with tags

So spot 1 is dedicated to Deals, namely 2 new functionalities connected to deals. 

Deals pipeline in Hubspot Many use multiple pipelines, and quite frequently, the important information differs between pipelines. Therefore, the impossibility of differentiating the properties to fill out and make required has been a headache.

Not anymore. The pipeline logic enables us to customize which fields should be populated when the deal is created based on pipeline logic. 

This means that you get the right information already when the deal is created. In addition, closely related, we can also define which other objects should be associated with the deal. Simple, powerful, and long-awaited!

Feature 2 is colored Deal tags. Many customers have requested ways to visually highlight different types of deals in the pipeline, e.g. urgent and large deals like the example below. Now we can do it with the help of tags. The tags are added automatically should the defined conditions are met. That way, you can more easily visualize which deals are important to you. 

Deals in Hubspot


Honorable mention - Inbound calls in HubSpot (not in Sweden, yet)


Incomming call in Hubspot

You may have noticed a telephone icon close to the top right corner in your HubSpot portal? This is big news from HubSpot now offering incoming calls.

This is in demand and means that we are not limited to outbound calls. We can answer, log calls, receive voicemail, and much more.

Well, that is if we can accept having phone numbers from the USA, UK, or Canada or if your company happens to be located in Finland or the Netherlands.


Nevertheless, as more country numbers become available, we expect this to become a popular feature!   


Are you looking for a skilled HubSpot partner? 

If you are curious on the HubSpot CRM platform and/or to implement the above features, feel free to reach out. As a HubSpot Platinum partner we are ready to assist you in business improvement leading to growing sales. You can easily schedule an introductory meeting here


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